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Suffering Womanliood. Tooniiici iotbe ruado to bring to tho attti "inanhood the grcat valne of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable as a remedy for the diseases oC wonion. Such i tho ■wife of General Barrington of Winston, N. C, aml wi' as foll allow me to add mytestimony to the most excellent medicinal qualitii etable Compound. Mis. Barrington was treated for several years for what the physician called Leui id Prolapns Uterl combined. [ eenl hi mond. Va., 1 lor six month ander tl I ;iti einihenefit. Sb 3 our medici toencedto ad is uow able to attend to hor irsetf s the proprietor of 11 ton, N. C, and 1 O The I3UYERS' CiIDK fa lmcd Sept. and, ach year, &f 313 pngcB, 8%xli;2 nulien, vitl over 3,5OO illtinl rnti'ius - a wholc Pletiirc Ciallery. G1VICS Wholesale Piiec direct to consumara on all oucls tor personal or famlly ute. Tclls liow to order, and gives exact cost of cvery thlng yoa use, ea', cur, or ha-.c fnn wttb. 'rarae IWALLABLB BOOKS rontaln Information glcaned from the mariicts of tïle world. Wc wtll mail n copy 1'H1OI2 to any ad dress upan ren Int of 10 ets. to tl frayexpense of mailing. Let uj liear from fou, RenpectftUIy, MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. 227 de 83 Wnkn: -ü Avenue, (.'liiraico, HL I GURE Y itlí Wlicn I ia; ei dtlmo and '--. n cal coro. I h n or FALLINGSICKM remed y to curo tho worit caao '. fjillcd ïs no rea-soti for m-t uow ruc.-. once for a tro&tlso anl a Freo Bouio ui my Ini remedy. Glvo Bxprei . lt cats yoa Dothinc for a trial, umi I v lll care yon. 4tiiiress Dr. il. ü. BOOT, ISSPesrlSt,, Uow York. CThe oiflesc medfclne In the worlü Ts prifd v ir Dr. Isaac Thomifson's '-g KI i:i5IS 1TED I1YU W ATKil Thls artlclp ! a carMuHy propn' f i preBcrlprltjn, and bftfl bi ry, and notv. i tiiat ba of tliis irf 1. ■ 'lirectlons are f. l.uwfd it w:ll n ularly Invite th" nrfcntiüTi i JOHN L, IHQ.MPSON', SOX.S& CO,. TiiOY. N. T WEAK, NERVOUS PEOPLE r ■■'.■ ■ . 'S, i i-iii.! mro KSlECTgjC EffigH1161"'' "r oltl ara ElectroámiÁJZ Belt Thu fn ever y State in cured. Kloetrlc-I -jííSty Instant ly telt. Patenled and mIü 10 vears. Wholc faraJly can wrar Bome belt. KU'i'trle ■i ii pen o ríe free i tations rui'i '■ Electric Tiummi for iítipturc. 71 i i riphlcU Or. W. J. Horne, Inventor, isi Wabash Av.f Chicago. Pages Árnica OH Tho ben salve in tho world for Ünrus, Wounds and sores of all kind. B-iUs, Felona, CliUblains, Krozen Peet, Piles, Barher's ith. s lappëdl llanüs. öore Türoat, Scalü ilea.!, Pimplos uu Lho Facü, and til 1 bUd dlseaL ForLiverComplaint. Btok Iloadaehe, Constlpation use Page's Mandrake l'ills. Ahove n by DrusKts or ai'ut by mail for 25 ■ Snoff jb'n . Sv.-H-ii ■■. N. V. r jHíp1 HEADACHE, g - jct jam76 ? ASTHMA, SP 68- ' NEURALGIA, ?n!cfc!y relieTed by ninfr Cnhnmt.'s Menthol nlialer and by o l faction ffaarantced ormo . lx mentbj to y car. Pi by mail or at drugtri3t i tion. H. D. CUSHMAN, Three Rivera, Mich. Qn& Agent .Mw tor After fffvinst your Ta -ar a thorougntrle j prove to bo all yon i andled your cijiars i'or na ars. A. A. V IR1ÉL [ÏRO., ,WiS. RUPTÜRE! Have you.n'nard nf the astoundínt red uci ion f of DB. J. ' only kiKiwn; niara operation or bindt iron bands! ! chatin.L.'. Su;i' Uw, :.- I( nly, for droular oí m proof ■ iÈ.J.A, SHEHMAX.s'l BrOOdU fcp A YS the E IC HT .fl-Hbktv yy 5 Ton itvon 8calrs, HkjnnV Iron !."■. ■ ran JBBWHBKJL. Tlíio lï"aiu and bA. KTETV INVEWTIOW! TÍCordsof Beoeh have been Saú-d bv c mOhours. Hundru-ci nctlif'1 whatevery Farmc-r Firêt order from yonr vii . lllustrated C J0SEPHGILLGTT3 STEEL PENS GOLD MEDAL PARIS EXP0S1TI0M-I879. THE MOST PERFECT Or FENS IA J.tysïïiufei Kul formble' i.oo, of DroinH ; '"9 üamp. PK. It. SCHIf FKAS, laul. Mlnp.M ' bh- wumsa 3 Uciv. l j fjse Wm NEB RASKA LAND" FOR SALE, Ten years' time, low interest, near railroads. Address, P. S. EUSTIS, Omaha, Neb. MFACE, IIAJÍDS, FEET, " fl'lious1 5 r.j.ii.Voodbnr),:;T:..laii;ii.,.M; WHIP Made from Qu whl- in tho worM. Ask yrtur doulcr ior thom und takt no other. For sule crprywlH'rc. AGENTS WAlliïEÜ SSlMi'X ISOM ETRE ATMËNTV ra from I ■ ■ ous ir ■ - slioittd wi '■ DR. WILLIAMS, 1S9 Wis. St., Milwaukee, wi9.i for a (y4rjnge book, iriving tho proper traasii fnll. an.I 1)1 WE WANT YOUÏ f profltable employmmf i cuunly. s.-ilary :; Jurare 001 I iple. üvt'ryone buj . STAUDAKD SttVKRWABB CO., ECtóTO MASS ÜflRPX! lfU „5ïïl. ruil olUn o ! vit r.r, ,,. ■ i-rco. A. W. McCORMiCK &SON, Cincinnati, O. MUücn o rfto 1 1U ;," OPIUW. PATENTS f TELECRAPHY ''T ■ W.N. U. D.--5--2 Jl llJRi Í," 1 Aopuy tui uici w ■ ■ ■■ D. J. Srzruxifi, Laboau, OU.


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