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LáXtasa, Jan'y 18, '87. Th3 principa! events iti legislative ciicles to d-iy was the vote upou L' 11 it Oti States senator. Eavh bou. ■ voted pa: rateíy, asrequired by law. A great many jie. :c gftthered in e ch house. In the enate twenty uto oted for Stockbridge, and Meiers, Barringer, Deyo, Gorman, Gudenau, Har-liaw. U'Bielly, Koof, Stark and VVisuer, nine, furGeorge L. Yaple. In the hou-e Col. Stoekbridge received 65 votes- which with the 'ii given him in the senate, m.kes a total of S7. The vote of the two hquses separately renders tliu joint conveiuiun to Le called to ratify tlie actiou oL tlie housos a mere lorniality. In the senate to-dav a petition wasreceived f rom a Detroit judgf and certaln ; yers usking fora marriage llcense enact! ment. Keveral petition. were also ■ ed protesting again.-t the olection of rnillionaires to tho United States tenate. A number of bilis were introduced, and , two were, pas.-ed; ono authorixinff l fieid to borrow í 1.0Ü0 to buiid u bridge, and ; 1 another askingcongressto pass the "Miller bilí" to prevent introduction of contagious diseases among domestic animáis. The hou-e adoptel a resolution to the effect that it is the duty of th lesislature to eleot as "Cnited States senators man wbo la fully in sympatuv with the move1 ment íor the enfianchlsement of labor nnd who is an able leader in that I ment. The president of the senate has appoiDt! ed the following new committees: On asyI lums for criminal itisane, lloon, Palmer, Deyo: on Soldiers' home. Mayo, Crosby, Palmer; on House of Correction and branch state prison at Murquotte, Laing, Crosbv, Seymour; thero were added to the raüroad committee, Mesura. W I. Babcock and Atwood, and to the labor com mittee, Messrs. Aloon and Potter. Mayor Georgo T. Warren of Flint has been appointed trustee of the state lum for the (leai and rtumb, nud a portion ; of the govemor's staf!' is nnnounced as lows: Aids-de camp, James N. Cox, ' umet ; George H. Devlin. Jackson ; (eorge ■ Loekwood, East Saiiniw. Military ; tury, Jiilo I). Campbell. Coldwater. j mr ster general, John Northwood, New Lathrop. Judge Advocate, Howard Weist, Detroit. 1 Theamendment looking toward prohibition of the Uquor trallic tame up on its final passag1 in the senate tliis afteruo in. O ii motion of Mr. Kdwards it raa lold upon the tab!e wit i a view to taking it up hereafter when the occasion is(favorable. The vote on tablinj? stood ye:is'23, nays 7. I Ex-Gov. Aleer' 9 reeption to Gov. Luce, 1 Mis. Luce and Miss Luoe, the state ofllcers and members of the legislature, will take place t'eb. 4, from b to 12 p. m. Tbe new state militnry board has been organizei'. Col. Ensign of Detroit has been chosen president, Col. Fox treasurer, and ! Capt. Humphrey, secretary. Considerable delav is experienced in tho prititing of biils. Tliis is undoubtedly due to the failure of tho state officials to provide the contracturs with paper. The new legislativo manual is expected to be ready some time iu Maich. Claverina Hanged. Tom Oluverius, a young lawyer of Rlchm,,iid, Va., was hanged on the 14th inst. The Cluvorius case Is one of the most interesting in the history of criminal prosecutions in this country. Tho condemued man was a young lawyer of Richmond. in Mari'h. 188S, when the dend body of Lillian Madison, bis cou-in, was found in a j voir near the city. Cluverius, then only ! 22, h:d undoubtedly betrayed her and ; sho was about to become a mother. ■ The girl was high'. y connected. but poor, and sbe sought and qbtaiued a placeas goveines-s in a family living iu the motintüins, where she lived untii sho started for I a visit to Richmond about a week before ', her morder. She resistored at the American hotel in that city as '"Miss Merton," and Cluveriue Cülled on her tbere seveval times. Roing out with her on the lustniht that slie was seen alive. From this point Cluverius mnde o stntenient. havirig always protested lus innoctnee, and stated that he vvould clear all up when the time came. The girl's body, as found in the reservoir showed that she hd been struck on the head and rendered uncon-cious, and then thrown into the re ervoir. i-ihe bre;ithed after having been thrown in, and the gravel in the bottom of tbe reservoir had been clutohed by her in her vain endeavor to escape suft'ocatiqn. The clerk and porter of the American hotel positively identified the prisoner aR the man with whom Miss Mcdison left the hotel. The evidence for the state was wholly circumstantial. The jury includd some men who were personal friends of 'Tommy," as the younc lawyer was known, and it was a unit in deeluring him euilty. He was not allowed. under the Virginia statute, since ohanged. to eive testimony in his own behalf, nnd he himself was his only witnos-. He was sentenced to be hanged on Nov. 2(J, 1885, but the case was then before the supreme court. which confirmed the sentence of the lower court, nnd he was reentenced to suffer the extreme penalty on Dec. 10 last. Eacb time he was senteneed he was the nerviost man in court. A reprleve was granted until the llthby the governor, in the hope that he might make the explanation which he said was in his power to make. The most iniluential people of the state petitioned for a eommutatipn while the mother of tbe murdered girl time and again wrote the governor begging him to grant neither reprieve nor comTnutation. The young man was a slender, delicate, handsome fello w, who looked a saint rather than the perpetrator of the dlabolical crime with which he was chareed. Opinión s to his Ruilt was more than evenly divided in Richmond in bis favor, and his friends have made themselvea poor, exhausting all tho resources of the law ín his behalf. An Innocent Man Hang. Evidence has at last turned up proving that Robert Evan Bproulo, bangea Ou June 1, laïö, at Victoria, B. C, was an innocent man. Sproule was an American ;itizín, a native of Weeks Mills, Me, During the trial he undeavored to prove an alibi, but owingto tho absence of important witnessos he failed. After tho trial Charles Wolfe, the i-hief witucss against Sproule, madó aflidavit that his testimony was falso. The American consul ut Victoria reported to the goveinmeut of Brilish Columbia that be thought the prisoner innocent. íáeeretury Bayard asked that a stay of execution be granted until further evidence could be taken, but tbe application was fused and the judicial muider of an inuoceut mau was committed. The witness wanted to prove thu alibi I was Henry Boatty, who was traced to ! Portland, Ore., and there lost sight of. i Last December he turned up in San Krr.nclco, and, learning for the nrst time, from the papers, of the murder and Sproule's execution, he made aflidavit to tbe effect that be was witb Sproule: flftcen miles i away from the scène of the murder, on the I dav it was committed. Before the banging application was made to tbe supreme court ín Ottawa for the unconditional surrender of the prisoner. nnd granted. But the order was paid no attention to and Sproule was hanged. A brotber of the dead man, Frank Sproule. has brought suit against the province of Biitish Columbia for $50,010 datnages for tbe wrongf ui execution of his brother. Bismarck Beaten: The fate of the Germán army blll wag settled by the roichstas advernely to the government, and action was immodiately taken to dissolve the chamber. On the reassembling of the reichtag Herr vod Stnuffenberg's nmendment limiting the duration of thobill tothree years was voted upon and the amendment was carried, the vote being 1SÖ to 154. The ! conservatives, imperialista and national ! liberáis voted with the minority. The socialista and most of the Alsatlan memberi abstained from voting. Prince Bismarck immediately read an imperial message dissolving the relchstsg. An imperial decree was issued, fixing ( Feb. 21 for holding the general elections ', for mombers of the new reichstag. Bismarck has had a conference with tbe emperor who is reported to be very much depressed by the adverse vote on the bilL I Legislativa Committeer Followiug isa list of the rommittees at mude op by the pr Iding otttcers of both house ot the stilte legislatura: HOUSE COMM1TTEES. Agricultural College- Weber, Simpson, Kiiuy, Lineoln, Pierce. Agrieulture- Watts, Colé, Kodgers, Harper, Rounsville. Dr.-iinaKe- Roblnson,R., Diekema,Danon, Bently, Cady. Eastern Asylum for insane - UcGregor, Broek, üillon, Wellman, Stuart. Edueation- W. W. Williams, Klrby, Thorapson, Hoobler Breen. Elections- Eldred. Kumsey, McCormick, Fowers, Pard;e. EngTOaunent and Enrollment - Ogv, Williunn, W. W.,Chappell, Uoaglin, Hosford, Breen. Federal Relations- Houek, Pierce, Webber, Brock, Powers, Roun-ville, l'erkins, Chauiberlain. Ogg. Wellman. Baker S. Geologieal Survey- Vickery, Kallander, Bettinger, Dunb.-ir, Vroman. Harbors-Dougherty,Douglass,Goodrich, Ctidy, Hreen. Hürtieulture- Alien, Beeeher, Burr, Wellmun. Vronian. Immigration- Tindall, Dillon, Reader, Hoobler, Baurngardner. Insurance - Cross, Douglass, Bates, O'Keofe, S. Baker. Ioniti Insano Asylum- Burr, Chappell, Kallnnder, Webber, Kiücan. Internal Improvcments - Uaskins, Alien, McGregor, Haldwin, Pardee. Judiciary - Piekema, Holt, Hill, Watson, F. H., Harriugton, Crocker, Baldwin. Liquor TrafHc - Watson H., Beecher, Chapman, McKee, Preston. Local T.ixation- A. Ï. Case, Anderson, Ha-kins, Cady, Killean. Lumber and Salt- Linton, Kelley, Pettit, Dakin, Wilson. Manufactures- Green, Lakey, Reader, Bettinger, Wilson. Michigan Asylum for Insane- AshtoQ, Haskins, Wood, Hosford, Herrington. Michigan Instituto for De if and Dumb- Joños, Cross, Peitit, Manly, Dunbar. Military AfTairs- Wood, Baker W. A., Williams T. H.. Tindall, Manly. Mines and Minerals - Mulvev, Vickery, Dougherty, Pierce, Robinson, í. W. Municipal Corporación- Batas, Abbott, Mukelim, Linton, Oviatt, Rentz, Wellman. Normal School - Beecher, Watson H., Linton, Robinson, J. W., Wasliburn. Northern Asylum for Insane- Cannon, Mukelim, Hill, Dougliertj. Harper. Printing- Colé, Oviatt, Anderson, Hosford, Kngleman. Private Corporations- Makelim, Case, Mcllillian, Bentley, Bnow. Public llealth- Bardwell, Baker, W..W., Ashron, 'yincoln, Vronian. Publlj Lands- O'Keete, Thompson, Chappell. Crocker, Wnsbburn. Railroads- Holt. Green, Mulvey, Makelim. McMillan, Lakey, Hosford. Reform School- Abbott, O'Keefe, Rodgers. Kldred, Dakin. Reform School for - Douglas, Watson, H., Goodrich, WTashburn, Kngleman. Religious and Benevolent Bocieties - Thompson. Damah, Alien, Stuart, RobinI son, J. W. Roads apü Brides - McCormick, Spencer, Kobinson R., Simpson, Powers. Rules and Joint Rules - Spencer, Houck, Watson F. H. Dunbar, Preston. State Affairs- Chapman, Cross, Dickson, 2klcKee, Crocker. State Capítol and Public Buildings- I GrenelL Anderson, Watts, Abbott, Baldwin. State Houso ol Correction - Bettinger, Diekema, McCormick. Hunt, Breen. State Liurary - Bimpson, VanOrthwíck, Dickson, Spencer, Harpor. State Pri-on- Kelly, Grenell, Dillon, Bently, McKie. Staie Public School - Hoaglin, Van Orthwi k, A. T. Case, Keader, Cady. State School for Hhnd- T. H. Williams, Burdwell, Burr, Houck, Powers. Bnpplies and Expenditures- Damon, Bates. Canon, Eldred, Snow. Towns and Counties- Chamberlain, Jones, Kalliinder. l'erkins, Stuart. University - McMillan, Perkins, Green, Watson F. H., Snow. Ways and Means- Rumsey, Chapman, Grenell. Williams, W. W,, Junes, Lincoln, ! Herrington. Labor lnterests- Oviatt. Ogg, T. H. Williams, Baumgardner, Wasbburn. Soldiers' Home - Dickson, Hunt, Colé, Manly, Reutz. THE SEíATE COSTMITTEES. Appi'Opriationa and Finance - Messrs. Moon, Sharp, Seymour, Hubbell, Gorman. Judiciary- Huübell, J. W. Babcock, Shürp. Palmer. Federal Relations- Palmer, Hubbell and O'Reilly. State Affairs- CrosbVjAtwood.Harshaw. University- Sharp, J. W. Babcock, VVisner. AKrioultural College- Mayo, Willits, Hainhaw. State Normal School- Monroe, Crosby, Barringer. State Public School- Barton, Westgate, O'Reilly. Education and Public Schools. - Westgate. Howell, Deyo. State Reform School- Atwood,Holbrook, Roof. State House of Correction- Pal mer, Laing. Deyo. State Pri-on- Fox, Hubbell, Stark. Asylum for the Insane- Hubbell, Potter, Gudenau. Instituí ion for the Deaf and Dumb- Moon, Giddings, Wisner. Religious and Benevolent Societies - Westgate, Moon, Deyo. Claims and Public Accounts - W. I. Babcock, Campbell, Gudenau. Banks and Incorporatiom - Monroe, Laing. Roof. Railroads- Seymour,' Willite, Stark. Cities and Villages - Edwards, Palmer, Barringer. Mines, Mineral and Mining Interests- Hubbell, J. W. Babnoek, Roof. Canals and River and Harbor Improvemenis- Campbell, Fox, Stark. Printing- Giddings, Post, O'Rielly. Constitutioual Amendments - J. W. Babcock, Monroe, Mayo. Military Affairs- Mayo, Sharp, Stark. ]n-urance - J. W. Babcock, Post, Roof. State Capitol and Public Buildings- Barton, Seymour, Gudenau. Pulilic Health- Howell, Moon, Deyo. Public Lands - Atwood, Barton, Harshaw. Immigration- Laing, Crosby, Gorman. Geologieal Survey of the State- Seymour, Atwood, Barringer. Agrioultural Interests- Holbrook, Mayo, Barringer. Mechanical Interest- Potter, Campbell, O'Rielly. Saline Interest- Campbell, Giddings Wisner. Lumber Interest- Moon, W. I. Babcock, Harshaw. Fisheries - Fox, Edwards, Gorman. Counties and Townships - Post, Westgate, Gudenau. Roads and Bridges- Willit, Potter, Stark. Eipiring Laws- Sharp, Atwood, Barringer. Rules and Joint Rules- Edwards, Monroo. Gorman. Engrossnient andEnrollment- Glddings, Post, Gudenau. Supplies and Miscellnneous Expenses- Crosby, Howell, O'Rielly. Liquor Trafile- Edmunds, J.W. Babcock, O'Rielly. Horticulture- Potter. Fox, Barringer. School for the Blind- Holbrook, Westgate, Wisner. Reform School for Üirls-Post, Barton, Gorman. Northern Asylum for tbe Insane - Willits. Edwards Haisliaw. Labor - Laing, Campbell, Deyo. Of Interest ti Constmor. Exports of breadstuffs: December, 1886, $12.0.l.3-iö; 1S85, Ï1O.U7,'2G:. Six months ended Dec. 31. 178,260.454; l!S5, $.V2,93ii,S13. Twelve months ended Dec. 31, 1SSÖ, $14S,122.00; 1885, $12!UW0.1s7. The department of ag 'iiuilture estimates of area. product and value of corn. wheat And oats for permanent record are completed. The oflicial work of the vear bas been thoroughly reviewed with the ald of state cooperation and all availab!e data of erop productinn and the aggregatea are substnntiallv those rpf'iitly roported. 8ixty Tona ot Jfoiyder Exploded. Specials from Xcuia, Ohio, say that 60 tons of powder were exjloded at Goe's station. The tro unie occurred in the dryhouse. The stoam pipes which heat the buiiding are covered with woodeti boxing. George Farrell, the nigbt watebmun, savs that he first smeilod smoke and discovered that the boxine was on fire. He run for his life. but had not procoeded more than 100 yards when the explosión occurred. Art Expensive Shake. Harrr C. Foster, one of the passengers who escaped witti his life from the disaster to the Baltimore & Ohio limited, near Republic, but was pretty well shaken up and bruised, bas eutered suit against the company in the superior couri for $5,000 dttmageï.


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