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EBERBACH&SOH, Dealers Ib Drugs, Medicines And a fine loto French Hair Brushet AND Enelish Tooth Brosheti WoaH special attentlon toour toekof Chemical Glass-ware, Apparatus, AND Pure Chemicus of our own Importatton. A f uil Hnc of TIEMAN'S SURG'L INSTRUMENTS At list prloM. STTTIDIElSrT S Ara oordiallj Inriud to examine oor stock C uailty and priees. EBERBACH A. SON. JACKSüN FÍRE CLAY CO, Manufacturera of Stone Sewer Pipe AND JDJEI.X1T TTXjIU I All our Train Tile ar-j made of Fiie Clay, ar ot unusual atrenglh and light welght. which materiaily reduces the breaüage and eirene ot kransportation. The ditchinjr of this di of tlling is less expenwive. as they do not require to be lald bolow front but only deep enoug. to wtape the plow. Wl.ile this Is mre económica! Ie alao aldi In obtalulng a better fall or grade to the dram. A fu!l assortmrnt of all slres, for lale In small quantiiles, or car load Iota, at tac FDOH LÜMBER YARD, James Tolbert, Agent. 1 Tilo, the Croatest Labor-Savlng Machine of the Ase." Tb the Eiiilor of Th4 Chtcaoo Trlnun. Dwtt. 111.. Maren IS.- One of the strongaal and mort convincing factc that I hare yet seen ■ ritb regard to tile drainage is brought ont in : the December report of .he Agricultural Depar ment of lllinol. Itmthis: ACREAOS. Awoxg In cora In Livingston Conaty, t&F. M8,8W Aoreaee In corn In Logan Coostf, 1881.. 140.8H LlTingston over Logaa 17,711 DEA Ylelá of corn In LfTingston CountT.1881. .6.9W.5M Tield of corn in Logan County, Sai b.OTO.VM IjTingfiton over Logan 1.90í,Sl In oüirr wonls. Logan County has ralsed near 1 ly as mucb corn on 140.859 acre as Lliingxtoa i county has on S68..W7 acres. Put it In another form, th farmers In Livingston County har S been ob'.iged to plow nearly doiible the acreaga of land (Si..'-H7), and have raisi-d but a very ■mail percentage of incre ase of corn nver thetr bretliern In Logan County, who only had to plow 14O..9 aerea. Let us give lt another twist! A A farmer who has his land wel) tillud need only work eiphty acres of land and grow Juat abouj as mucn corn as the man who plowg 1(0 ana takes all the risks of droutb and much bnrldec lt Is not fair, tl;8n, to conclude that the greaurt ! labor-saving u. whlne today of the age is the tila drainT From the same source of inforraatlott J Ëather the followlng as regareis the progresa o le-drainage In these two countlea: IMi Total number of feet bid In Llvlngaton C'ountT upto 13tl , l,liO,7Si Total number of feet lald In Ixgaa County up to 1881 8,H8I,M Thistable proves beyondall theory that owlng to the free use of tile that one county has bee able to produc uea-ly as much corn on HO.OOd acres of land anuther county has produced pon Ï6S.000 acres. whioh is nearlr doublé, and be beauty of th whole is that it wa done wit half the work : Mr. Kditor. supporse a kind Prorl dence shouM lenrthen out the spin of our dayi pntil we saw Illinois tnoroughly tiledraineé, I whrre vrould be put the corn that this Stat ! wonld produce, and what would we do with our j "Hver dollars?'Bímum. T. K. raiME.- RINSEY ii SEABOLL No. O A 8 Washington 8t. Hare on hand a complet? stock of Yerything in lbo Crocery Line. Tea, Cofl'ce and Sngar, In lars unounti. and at OaslL DP3?ces And can aell at Low Fleur. Tb lai invoice of tüs thy Buy and 8fl, t Kood proof that In Quality and Price ihey Give Bargains. Tay Boast thelr own CofTeM every wk, aa4 non but prime article are uaed. Thelr Bakery turns out excellent Bread, OakM ad Crackers. Cali and see tbem. PricesGone Down k Urge stock of Wall Paper leiiiug at A CREAT REOUCTION1 I olaim to have the largest and M SELECTED STOCK Of Wall Papar nu J Deooratiorjt in tht oonutv, and can give perfect satiif (ictiol in Gouda or Work . Paints and Painten Bnpplies a ipecial t y . .lTDexti Borg, Bnocr ttor to F. 4% A.. Borg, 88 k 88, Walulnffton st. la Ark-o 0üÜ ■HL7IIT1 m BH SODA BestinthcVorTi


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