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Old Pioneers Who Have Gone

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Hon. George Renwick was bom in Cngland, Ootober 31, 1789. He oame to Liuerica with bis father's family in 1803 nd settled in the town of Gorham, Onario county, N. Y. He atteuded school i Canandaigua. Afterwards he learned hie carpenter trade, which, in conneetion with farming, he followed through the arly period ot hls life. In 1814 he was rafted into the United States army and aken to the lines, but a treaty of peace was aifcued soon ' after and he recei ved iis discharge. He was married to Miss 'hebe Walker in 1815 and in 1817 moved ;o the town of Greeoe. In 1828 he oame o Michigan and located a half section f land in what was afterwards organzed as the township of Salem, and elected its firet supervisor in 1833, whioh office, in conneetion with that of juetice of the peace, he held for a number of years. He was elected to the territorial legislature and served during the session of 1834-35; also represented Washt.enaw county in the state legislature in 183940-41-47. Being an oldtime whig and politician of those years, the office sought the man because of his fitness. He was a man of sterling integrity, a thorough legislator, and well versed in parliamontary law. It is said that when the old oarpenter was aroused he could hew to a hair's breadth. Mr. Renwick died in Jan. 1863, on the farm he purchased f rom the government, learing a competeney to his wife, two sons and a daughter. Hon. John Renwick a brother of George, and youngest of the family of Renwicks, was bom May 2. 1803, in Gorham, Ontario county. N. Y. In 1827 he carne to Michigan and located in Wash tenaw county, Salem township. Here he resided for two years, when he disposed of his lands and purohased 200 acres in Northfield, the township_ adjoining. On the organization of this town he was elected supervisor, which office and that of clerk. he held for a n amber of years. He vas elected captain of the flrBt military company organized in Northfield and with it came to Ann Arbor to await marching orders before taking part in the Toledo war. Mr. R. represented Washtenaw county in the legislature for two terms- 1850-53. Hon . G. Sutton, a life-long f riend and neighbor, said of him: " Mr. R. was too fond of reading and social enjoyment to be a suocessful farmer, yet he acquired an ampie fortune. His hospitalitv was liberal, he was generous, and no one went f rom his door wanting. He was imbued with American ideas. His motto was 'circumstances make the man.' In politics Mr. Renwick was a whig and i great admirer of Henry Olay." He diec in Northfleld Sept. 24, 1866.


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