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Blitz & Langsdorf, The Two Sams

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THE GHFLESA.11!1 OTJT SLIjiE: ! AT THE TWO SAMS. WE ARE NOW READY TO SLAUGH1ER ! SLAUGHTER! $3.83. $3.85. $3.85. Any Pair of Punta in our Houae coating $4.50, 5.00, (5.25, $5.50, 86.00 and $6.50, at $3.85. $3.85 buya any ainsle pair SLvSF&S Ur Worsteds, no matter what they coat. All fine Caseimerea, no matter what they men'reduS Tailor-Made Sult8' CO8tiD 24-00' mM, $22.00, $20.00 and $18.00, in four button frock and sack, at an imani'V8 GdS""WeHaVe2? Fi,ne. All Wool Suita, heavy weight, new atylea, coaatxng $18 00 and $16.00, reduced to ÍSeS-JoreínZTXrd tO "' and $4.50, cuf to $2.50. Co'me thia "wSÜS OvePcSoSruceïo SaT r6dUCed H A Double BreMte d r 5 00. An all-wool AÖMFmrT' -u' S2-5n' mM 2n a?d '■ vereoate reduced. See what $15.00 will buy during thia aale. 7.5c, 90e , L.$1 25 an"d flT Verat8' aU WOol WOrth t5- to $7m for 3-'W' S- " Men'a Panta reduced to nnírE',HERB(?DfIr frch?ntf8 f Ann Arbor, Dexter, Saline, Chelaea, Ypailanti, and Manchester, please cali your customer 8 attenhon to this aale. Let all come that can; we will aave you money.


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