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Female Affectations

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The affectations of woraen are quite as pronouneed as those of men. It is worth noting that each sect deals more harshly wfth the ehortcomings of its fellows than with the sins of people of an opposite gender. Of all the affectations from which New York woraen1 have suflered none has been so pronouneed as Anylomania. The average New York girl to-day had rather be considered Énglish than beautitul. Some of thoin are very apt and clever at mimicking the daughters of Great Britain. A square-sliouldered, direct' and dashing girl whom I happen tol know, in speaking of the craze, BaidJ frankly, the other day: "0( course you imagine that men are more intellectual than romen, and need higher mental food. It is not true. Man wants his girl a la mode, as he does his trousers or his hat. The proper girl is English now. I think1 sometimes that exercise ia pushed a bit too far, and quite a lot of girls are i eertainly growing yellow, but then I they're in the SWiiVl, yon know, and a nold dip, a raw egg and a hard canter through t he park are fascinations hard to resist when one has fallen into their power." The athletic girl eertainly carries evrything before her. Dress reform advocates have had a great deal to do with making her what she is. In sonft respecte she meete thoir ideal, wearinjj square, skurdy, and low-heeled bootd, loose corsets and short hair. The doctors are reading her elabórate leuturtv and her mother throws up hnr handin dismay. The strain may be ton i creat for a delicate constitution, b'i' i she must and will beathletic - be'"'; ; its English, you know. i


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