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New York Special.- The Rov. J. Benson Hamilton, the new pastor of the Cornell Memorial Methodist Episcopal church, has preached his first sermon in his pretty church building. The title of his sermón was "How to Fill Empty Churches." The church was full of parishioners who wanted to hear what he had to say on the subject. Pastor Hamilton comes irom Rhode Island. A huge Ecreen, bidden behind folds of crimson cloth, stood behind him as he rose to preach. HÍ3 text was "He brouht him to Jesns," and at two intervals in the aiscourse he turned about, drew aside the crimson folds and revea!ed two large pictures in bright colora illustrating the theme. Beside the screen stood a placard in large black letters inscribed with the dinerent topics of the sermón. Pastor Hamilton started out with the idea of preauhing illustrated sermons on the same basis as the Sunday-school object lesson. The new experiment certainly took with his parishioners. Pastor Hamilton said that the oft repeated sneer and taunt of the anti-Christian caviller: "The theatre is full and the church la empty," could be answered only by the minister and the congregation making a personal effort to fill the church. Maria Louise, only child of the late Horace F. Clark, granddaughter of the late Cornelius Vanderbilt, and widow of Bertram Eustace Mitford, late of the First Royáis, was married ; to Mariano Edouard Souberbielle, at the Mairie of the Ninth Arrondissement in Paris, France, on the 3d of March, and in London, England, on the 8th of March. Detroit (Mich.) assesors have raised the valuation of real estáte and personal property $17,151,000 over that of last year, and the tax-payera are indignant. Tho late John E Owens found j ning a farm very expensive. One day some friends drove down to his i farm from Baltimore and wore ■ tably receivcd. "What will you drink," j said John; "you can have milk or ! pagne, but between you and I, the milk costs mo the most." It is estimated that the loss in wages sustained by the 1,000,000 of men who j have been on strike during the past year aggregates $15,000,030, while the ' ployes affected have lost $10,000,000,: niaking about $25,000,000 in all. But BtHkera rarely stop to count the cost. A íive volume series of biographica ' sketches of famous English and Amerioan a-tors, recently published by ; Cassel & Co., fails to mention Wilson : Barrett (Lawrence ge La a show), Wil-, liam Waren, John Ji. Owens, John Gilbert and Janauschek. I am now preparing a poem entitled ! "The Umbrella." lt isa dainty b t of ; verse, and my hired man thinks it is a gem. 1 called it "The Umbrella," so : that it would not be returned.- Bill Nye. A man out west rolled a pillow sham up and choked his scolding wifo to death with it. We have often Í ed if those articles wouldn't some time have a use for them. - New Haven News. ! Alarmed wife (to husband who has fust come in)--"Why, John, dear, you look 111." Husband- "1 may (hic) ; look ill, m' dear, bnt (hic) 1 feel firs' rate." -New Ycrk Times. In a description of arhiuoceros it is stated that he is a powerful beast, with a mouth ranging from an open valise to a candidate's smile. - Burlington Free Press. There is a man in Venice who can speakninety three languages. How iuvaluable he would have been to superintend the construction of the tower of : Babel. The Bartholdi Goddess of Liberty, with ice on her head in the morning, I after being ont all night, is not a pleas ing -New Orleans Picayur.e. A Frenchman, reading a pathetic j s ription of Cassi' s' death: "He ran hú body with full force through his ; sword."- Hamilton Literary iVonthly. Teutón (who ) as blown out the gas) "Py chiminj, dot limpurger schmells goot. Uey must be some fellcr.s 'round liere heffln a late -Tid-Bits Wenotice in a newspaper some verses headed the "Seven Ages o" Woman." After a woman is thirty she abolishes the othe six. - S om erville Journal. There is a Presbyterian in Jersey City so openly opposed to baptism by imrnersion that he reíuses to carry a ', Waterbury watch. - N. Y. Mercury. Mormonism will never be eradicated ! until a man is compelled to have as many mothers-in-law as wives g with hirn. -Fall River Advance. "How many lords have you danced with, Edith?'' "Two- ! ord Biandenose and Lord Knows Who."-N. Y, Morning Journal. Der álmighdy gif efery man yoost so much sence. Voost enuö to keep him busy minf'jn1 his own pishness.- Cari tetzel's f eekly. When a Scandinavian falls íd love no j doubt the soft words he murmurs in his native tongue are Swedes to the Sweet. i - Lynn Union. Another gre&t discover; of diamonds in Kentucky! A man got five of them on thofirst deal.- Philadelphia Press. A sample case - almost any case f drunkenness before the pólice judge.


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