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Real Estate Transfers

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Heleu C. Neat to Henry P. Glover. Ypsilanti oity, $3,000. Chas J. Howell, by exeoutor, to Anton Schiappaoasse, city, $3,100. Ray. O. Buckelew to Jno. H. ConliD, Webstor, $6,000. N. Arkeey to A. P. FergOBon, oity, $2,000. A. P. Ferguson to Benj. F. Arksey, Dexter, $2,000. Jay and Susan A. Everett to Howard Everett. Sharon, $11,700. Alioe Gackbomer to Louis Tremper, city, $100. John C. French to Sunon Huteh, Chelsea, $675. Jno. Q. Feldkamp to Ghristion D. laas, Saline and Bridgewater, $7,000. Samuel W. Holmes to Edward Frenoh, Webster, $600. Sarah A. Emeriok to G. W. and J. Densmore, Ypsilanti oity, $800. Christian Hoffstetter lo C. F. Burkhardt, oity, $350. Martin Schaible et al to Fred Schaible Manchester, $460. Harriet A. S. Ohubbuck to Willis Watrius, Manchester, $1,500. Wm. Dunsmore (by admiatrator) to J. S. Seaver, Ypsilanti, $3,506. Mary J. Maynay to Mary E. Newmann, city, $1,000. John Lutz to J. G. Lutz, FreeJorn, $1,000. Orson R. San ford to Jno. Batchelder, York, $2,400. Amos Millar to G.C. Townsend, Saline, $1,300. Martha Wellman to Ada R. Speer, Sylvan, $800. Isaac Taylor to Hiinnah M. Taylor, Sylvan, $1,500. Hunnah M. Taylor to Wm. R. Taylor, Lima, $1,000. Jas. M. Teepla to Rebeoca Teeple, Ypsilanti, $1,050. Leopold Blaess to Patrick Cavanaucrk, Northfield, $2.000. Seth O. Arnold to Jennette B. Campbell, Ypsilanti oity, $1,650. Maak & Schmid to Karl Stierle, city. $1,850. Maok & Sohmid to G . & E. Luick.cit y, $500. Edwin R. Smith to Sylvauu Howell, Bridgewater, $7,200. 8. Howell to E. R. Smith, Bridffewater, $7,200. B. S. Smith to Welli, Stratton 4 Smith, Ypsilanti, $1,600. M. D. Case to Jno. H. Miller, Miin chester, $3,000. Frederick Gross to Geo. Stierle, Fredom, $3,312. Mary E. Densmore to O. W. Sutton York, $4,000. Wells, Stratton & Co., to B. S. Covert Ypsilanti, $1,800. David Thomas, to Geo. Blaich, Chel sea, $1,700. Reimold Spoke to Alber Weeks city, $400. Mary Beaubean to Eber and E. Young Ypsilanti, $.500. Jno. Graves to Ohson J. Pemn, Ypsi lanti, $1,900. Aaron P. Buckhn to Margaret Dona hue, Ypeilanti city, $500. J. D. Baldwin to Edward W. Kitohen oity, $800. Osoar Stefify to S. D. Brown, Ypsilant city, $1,000. Emily S. Covert to Ellen A. Pomeroy Ypsilanti city, $700. Calvin Austin to Lizzie C. Grey, city $900. Michael Keelan to George P. Glazier Cheltea, $235.