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Real Estate Transfers

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M. H. Hoy to D. E. Hoy, Scio, $4,130. Ann Beldmg to Mary Eagou, oity, $3,700. Fred. Stante to Geo. SUntz , Dexter, 2,000. Morgan H. Wier to Jno. Logan, Sbaron, $5,100. Olara W. Stevani to Caroline Sohaible, oity, $150. Jno. ü. Koberte to Philo Chubb, Salem. $700. Jno. Rockwell to Nathan Averj', Lyndon, $1,42.5. Chas. C. Wilmotto Chas. Hutchinaon, oity, $4,000. Mary Ann Dwyer to Stephen Beaoh, Lima, $1,450. Jno. Dolan to Jas. W. Bennett, Dezter village, $1,000. Win. A. Graham to Geo. H. Feldkamp, Sharon, $9,000. Henry Carrayger to Mary E. Kearney, Dexter, $2,300. Frank H. Wier, to Morgan H. Wier, Sharon, $7,000. Chas. C. Young to B. C. Auld, same place, $10,400. Milan A. Rowe to Wm. A. Graham, Sharon, $8,000. Chas. H. Kemp to Frank P. Glazier, Chelsea, $3,400. Frank Stantz to Geo. Stantz, Man chester, $4,700. A. A. Stringham to Michael Kirch, Manchester, $800. Jehiel White, (by admr.) to Eraitu White, Lima,83,861. Jas. Scotney to Wm, H. Scotney, t. iL, Superior, 812,000. Jonas Young to Chas. C. Young, Dz;er ana Putnam, $7,000. Chas. Kingsley to Theo. Monohnauser, Manchester, $700. Wm. and Mary L. Sanford to Auguit Bredernitz, Saline, $6,640. Catharine Wilmot (by exeoutor) to 3has. Hutchinson, oity, $4,000. Milán Kidder (by admr.), to Jno. and Daniel Godden, York, 81,700. McCormick harvesting machina oo. to Mina Q. Hill, Chelsea, 81,000. Seth O. Arnold et al., to Binsworth AtVhittleBey, Ypsilanti city, 81,150.