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Earnest L. Caldwell, The Yale Sen

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ior who was stroko of the winning crew ;it New Lon Ion last July, bas decideil to row igain tliis year anless liis íaruily objects too rtrongly. He took his first pull wilh the caiulidates for tlie crew on Thursday, and as soon as his phvsical conditiou will warrant it he will lake his old place in tin; boat. Ex-Senator Dovsey gave a magnificent dinner at his hotel ín London at wliich covers were laid for foi'ty-four guests. The tables, wliich were sixty feut long and six toet wide, were decorated lavishly, witli rare flowers and frnita The rucnu cards were palnted wilh a separate design, tliat of Mrs. Nellie Grant Sartoris haring a very correotly paiuted portrafe of her father. They teil in Phl delphia tliat years ago a bov narued E Iwiu H. Fitierclinibed upon the roof of the old liridesburg tope-walk toshoot a erow. Ho shot I the crow, lint the watcliman of the bu kling pulled hini down from the roof and gave bim a fl )gging. Edwin H. Fitier. the same onu, is now Mayor-elect of the city and owner of tliat walk, and that sanie watchtnan is now one of hs employés- too old to work, but peusioned hands onclv. It is remarked that tliere was a rcmarkablc Wending of creeds in the recent celebraron at Dr. Bartol's West (Unitarian; church, Boston. Dr. Cj'rus Hamlin and Dr. Gordon, of the Old South, represented ihc orthodox Congregationalists; Pastor Moxom, of the Commonwealth Avenue church, the Baptists (by letter); Dr. Miner, the Universalista; while Ph llips Brooks not only conveyed the fraternal greetings of the EpUoopalians, but even pronounced a truly apostollc benediction at the close of the exercises over this assemblage of heretic Unitarians that inciuded, as a representativo of the purea t heathen religioo, MoUiú tito Btikxuia.


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