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local paper of the city. It contains more local newa than any two papers published in the city . It is the newspaper that everybody reads. Those who wish to keep posted on what is going on, in, and about the city read The Dbmocbat. If they are not subscribers, they borrow the paper. The new oouncil should take measures at once to provide sidewalks to the new depot. From Main street and the business portion of the towu there is no access to the depot, except to ieave the sidewalk by the O'Neil property, pass down a steep embantment, cross the street in the mud, or go down the west side of the bridge embankment, thence under the bridge close to the track to the passenger house. The next most important route by State street is still woree. There is no sidewalk, and never has been on either sido of the north end of this thoroughfare, and foot passensrers have to take the muMle of the road. We may well be proud of the new depot. It is oonceded to be one of the mosi beautiful in the country, but the means provided by the city to get access to it are simply disgraceful. i mm The new council find the city finances in a pretty bad shape. They find the several street funds entirely exhausted in advance for the coming year. They find the general fund so nearly exhaustei in advance that not enough remains to pay one-fourth of the obligations already incurred for the ooming year. Never since the city was organized has a counoil been so liberal in spending other people's money as the one just expired. If the liquor fund is divided with the county, or all paid mto the county treasury instead of the city treasury, as seems likely, the city will oe pracucany oamtrupi as il is ineroeuoally bankrupt already. In any event city taxation tkis year must be largely increased. Our new mayor bas a good repntation for economy and thrift, and we hope he will sce to it that no contracta are made obhgating the oity to pay money in violation of the law- that uo money is given away for any purpose, and that the council does not go off on junketing excursions at the expense of the tax-payers.


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