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At 20 minutes to eight Mayor Smith rapped the council to order. On the roll being called, 13 members answered to tueir ñames, ïhe first order of business was on the adoption of the order of business of the previous council wnioh was carried. Aid. Kearns moved that the council proceed to tha eleotion of oity officers in the following order : Chief of pólice, treaaurer, and city attorney, which prevailed. On the first ballot for chief, Fred Sipley received 6 votes ; Z. Sweet 4; Uenry Richards, 1 ; A. V. Robison 1; and W. E. Walker 1. The seoond ballot stood as follows : Sipley 9 ; Sweet 1 ; Robison 2; Walker 1. Fred Sipley ha ving reoeived a majority of all the votes cast he was Por treasurer, Albert Sorg was re elected, reoeiving all the votes cast. Hon. E. Kinno was also re-elected oity attorney, reoeiving 11 votes to P. MoKernaa'a 2 On motion of recorder Pond, Dr. Dar ling was continued city physician for anotber year, at the same sala'ry, $100. Meinbers of the board of health were then elected in the following order : Jerome Freeman, Dr. W. F. Breakey BndDr. D. J. Sullivan. STANDING COMMITTEES. Finnnce- Swift, Wines, Seabolt. Genei al fund- Allmendinger, Sutherland, Hammond. General street - Eearns, Sutherland, Herz, Swift, Hammond, Wines. Sidewalks- Herz, Allmendmger, Seabolt, Niethammer, Ware, Wines. Fire departmunt- Niethammer, Sutherland, Seabolt. Pólice- Ware, Niethammer, Wines. License- Mayor, Recorder, Allmendinger. Perks- Wines, Herz, Hammond. On motion of Aid. vyines, and by a unanimous vote, the chief of pólice was instracted to enforce all the ordinances of the city. The recorder was requested to receive bids f rom the banks for interest on cily funds, on the basis of last year. It was voted to transfer $800 frnm the contingent fund to the general street fund, to be returned Feb. 1, 1888. The trimming of shade trees was lef t to the aldermen of the respective wnrds ana owner oí propeny. It was moved and carned that representativa ManJy take steps to have the charter so amended, that whenever a vaoancy occurs in the board of aldermen, that the counoil shall have power to íill such vaoancy. Af ter considerable disoussion on the time of clo&ing saloons, the hour of 10 p. m., standard time, was flxed apon. The sum of $24.87 was transferred from the contingent fund to the lifth ward cemetery fund. THE PIKANCES. In regard to the finance Mayor Smith said that the utmost economy should be practiced, and he gave the aldermen fair warning that he would sign no warrants after the respective funda had been exliauated. The following trom the treasurer's report shows what the council haf to work on the coming year. Aid. Steere's resignation was accepted and the chair declared vacant. Previous to the adoption of the resolution Aid. Wines, of the sixth, had considerable to say abotit being alone to look after the interests of his ward, and that Aid. Steere would be of great assistance to him in discharging his duties. Several memt ers thought the new alderman was quite competent to go it alone, as Aid. Steere had not attended half a dozen meetings the past year, nnd it was safe to say that he wouldn't be Rny more regular in tbe future. On the question of cloeing saloons at half-past nine o'clock, meridian time, considerable sparinsr was indulged in by Aids. Swift and Winee. PETITIONS. Several petitions for the oonstruction of sidewalks were received; and one for the improvemant of Summit street in the third ward, whioh were referred to the sidewalk and street committees respectïvely. NOTES. Mayor Smith, will, it is safe to say, go in for economy, and in this he will be suBtained by every tax-payer in the city. When the council geta fairly to work they sbould order all the poor walks repaired at once. There are several candidates for patrolmen, but who will be appointed will not be known until the next meetof the councü! The new oouncil on entering upon tbeir duties flud the city tumis in the following condition. Contingent fund, on hand, 85,729.35 ; general fund, on hand, $25.91; general street, overdrawn. First ward, on hand, $1,070.12 ; second, 1,110.67; third, $l,04U.45; fourth, $359. 96 ; fifth, $347.30 ; Bixth, 8251 .24 ; city cemetery, overdrawn; water works tax, $2,2(43.33; Pontiao street bridge, 82,500; court house aid, 828.


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