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Real Estate Transfers

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Tho8. Patterson to Agnes Taylor, city, $750. Wm. H. Bowen to Jno. J. Mills, Saletn, $675. Jno. D. Roberts to Philo Chubb, Salem, $800. Elkanah P. Camp to Adam A. Meuth, city, $1,000. Thos. Flynn to Chas. H. Merritt. Au ' Rusta, $400. Olen Pepper to Milton E. Pepper, York, $650. Noah G. Butts to Anthony R. Hall, city, $1,000. Jno. Fiegel to t hriBtian Fiegel, Scio, $3,650. Chas. H. Merritt to Martha Avery, Augusta' $500. Daniel Thomas to H. S. Holme, Chel sea, $4,000. Sylvester Atchison to Jas. A. Bullock, Salem, $475. Geo. S. Voorheis to Geo. F. Alford, Augusta, $300. Geo. Stranz to Frank Stranz, Manchester, $4,701). Emanuel Jedele to Jacob Jedele, jr., Dexter, $2,500. j. n. sc ü. vvaue to Aciani ana iiieouore Ketz, city. $500. Wm. D. Bird to E. E. and E. H. Bird, Northfield, 83,000. Ransom Salsbury to Margaret Salsbury, York, $1,600. Marcus W. Wood to Aaron P. Wood, Bridgewater, S2.000. Solomon Tate to Mathiaa Reitzer, Bridgewater, $5,000. Laura F. Stranz to Frank Stranz, Manchester, $2,20ü. Jared Stocking to Kassei C. Reeves, Dexter village. $900. Geo. VV.GilltoS. H. & C. Fletcher, Ypsilanti city, $1,000. Henry Vinkle to Edna P. Stebbins, Dexter village, $4,50(). Eugene 8. Wilson to Gustare Weederhoft, Pittsfield, $700 Geo. W. Voorhiea to H. J. and Thos. Neat, Ypsilanti, 87.000. Ciitüarine A. Van Foseen to David B. Rorison, Ypsilanti, $C0O. Jno. J. Mulholland to Wm. H. Alulholland, Superior, $1,600. Chas. E. and C. Carr to Harriet E. Ambrose, Ypsilanti, $425. Wm. H. Mulholland to Jno. J. Mulholland, Superior, $1,000. Geo. H. Gilmore to Chas. C. and Clara Carr, Ypailanti city, $1,000. Fred Laubengayer to Tobias Laubengayer, Lodi and Scio, $3,000.