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Ih Pwple of Oakland Connty Wild Witb Excitement Fojctiac, Mich., Mareh 10, 18S7. On the K)th of December, 1868, I cama f rom Orion to Pontiac, to vilt my parentg. and was taken suddenly itl. Dr. Ualbreith of tbU placa was Valled and after making a carefu! examination of ni y case, ia tred council, and nimad ng couricillor, Dr. ïlcUraw of Detroit. Thy met in eouneil December irth. made a care: ui eznmination, and pronounced my di ease as (.'muer of the l.iver. and stated that there was no hope for me, ng 1t mi lmjn)ssib!e to cure me. The pain wal very reveré and Dr. Ualbreith coutiuued his isits, sdmtnisterlng quieting jiowders. A swelling bunch Bad forme I nndtr my rivht rib-; almost ns Inrgo (is mv lm d, and I had given up hII hopes of recovery. Hut havin? heard of llihbard's Rheumatic Syrup.I sent I "obruary lst ltM, andbought a lottle of the yrup from Mr. Peter Bchmiti, n druggist of this place, and toolj il asdirected. About March It omet únsj bcoke and the swelling commenred to go down. mi til it hal nluin.t disappear d. I i t i th s di 1 have taken two n 1 mui hult tortea of the syrtip nnd have so far reeovered as to le alile to v i i t my neigh dors. and I nm t -uly rejoi'in!r t.hat I ara f;.st beinff relieved (rom snch ter ib!e p iin, and desirlng to ackno wledge tlie benefit I lne re e ved i ii nsing yur syru; I ya id you thig t.temotit. hoping you will use it so that others who are aföicted m-iy be benetited and relieved from pain as 1 bav bean. Very Truly. CHARLES A. SPiER, (Jf Orion. Michigan. Pontiac. Mich., Mar -h ldth. 1SVT Thig is to certify tint Jjr. Cta reí A. Sjinr, mv son h is made a correct statement of his oase, I have ivatched by bis be isiue during his entire Ulneao. JUHN SPIER. The under igncd ertify that (bey are well ac'U intel witii Lharlea A. .-pier. wliose Bijnature aproara al ove, nnd we hive no hs itation in saying thit any : tntem nt made by him can le relmdupon ai beintrue in eve -y particular. BEKRIDJE& BERHIDGR. DrupEi.its, Orion, Mich. J. A. NE AT,. Editor Week'.y Keviow and Jutic of the Peace, Orion Mich. J. S. KITCHER. Postmaner. Okion, Mich.. Mar.-h nth. ISS7. FACT AND FANCY. Baccessful Illustrated paper- bank note. To gct up poik and bc-ans- tako au emetlc. Clutchiug at straws 3 e in this country. It depend on tbc livcr, whetber life la wortli living. Ncarly $.5, 003,000 worth of candy was made In California tbc past year. Id Kentuchy last year nenrly 5.033,003 luisiiel ii.ore of coru was raised tlian 1835. Thcre are 9,199 lice:ised saloons In New York city, or oue saloon to cvery 143 inbabi tants. It takes 803 patents to protect the modern blcycle witb lts Itnprovemcnts from infnuemunts. Railway carrlapres are now fittpd up na ehurclies in Ru.-sia, so tbat the peopla can worsbip as thcy travel. The Penobscot ice erop is esilmated at 193,D '0 tous for tbe eason, notwilhslandiug tbe unfavorable ■.vcatber. It is estlmated that the cotton erop of the year is ö.CM OM bales. The quality is very superior to tbat of last year. For tbe first tune lu lt historv foelgn coal is belng uscd in tbe Pblludolphia gaa woiks. Tbe iuipürled fuul la the Sco'tisU C.tnueL The Central Vermont rttlroad I to have an experiinentul system of boatloi; oara by steain from tbe locomotivo iu oparatiou In a few ilay. In some cburchea tbore i move rejtjicin over one ewliolder wbo pavs $U) ' tbun over ninety and nine youug couveita who py $5 a piece. There were 2,U7 Bres in Lomlon last year. Tlie cnzines attacbed to the land stations made 82,839 Joornev and used 10,000,0ü0 gallons of water. A conductor on a New York ïtreet car hatl a complaint lodgcd agaiust hun by a woinnn to wbom be gave flve pennies in changa. She tranted a Dlckel, bccausc the pennies wcre iuconvenlcnt to carry. A country subacriber writes to ask "how to treat a kerosene lamp." It is tba U'tual custotn to treat a lamp to oil. Very few l.nap care for beer or whisky. It Is now possible to construct comnlete sewing machines at the rale of one every minute, or sixty in one bour, 33 iratebej in a day; a reaper every lifteeu minu.'S or less, aud oue locomotiva a day. Gen. Simon Camcron says that hls on Don would have been a great man if be bad uot been bom rich. Tbis remark shoulJ cdify tbc increapins munber of people wbo regard wealtli as tbe basis of greatucss. The Rev. Waldo Messoros, of Pblladelphia, ■said fiom hls pulpit tbe otber day: "Feiv men tread tbe religlooa press; It is not vivi 1 cnough; there is toa mucb putebwork. too much slaleness, and there U uot tbe eutei'Drisu rí :be secular Dress." The records of the treasury departmen t ahoir that eleven persous ou lts payroll have (lied tioce Jauuary of tbis year. a greater numbur tban for a Hkc perlud of any previous year. It is claimed tbat sevcral of thes dcuUis re lulted from the bad sanitary coudition of tho building. Willard'g remarkable picture of "Jim Bludsoe," that was ouce exhibited in the Acadimy of Desigu, is now lunii? tbe art trea9ures of Col. Jobn Hay, wbo tbe poem ibat in8pired tbe artisL Col. ilay bas given Mr. Willaid permission to duplícate tbe piclure for Mr. William Walter Pb.lp3. Tbe luhahitanU of Fisbklil-on the Iludson, N. Y., are greallr alarmcd over the teir.ble ravages of dipbtheria, now epidemie there. Scores ot chlldren bave dlcd duilnj; the past few days, and Ihere aeems to be no signs of any iminediate disappearance of tbe discase. Many families are (clllng tbeir property and moving away. A New York steam eompan v furnlsbcs ateampower throuïh pipca to 435 engincs fiotn a iarge sieam stat.ou ou Greenwicb street. Tbe cuuductors or pipes used lor convc.yiii tbe steutu ure of Vciy lurge dimensious. Tbe steam wlicn dellvered to tbe euglna is wet, and tbe )resu.e is about eigbty or pjsnibly ulnety pouuds. The use ot "pet" names is aald to be the canse of much trouule iu Londun. Several lauies of posiüou buy been married receutly under eobrlquets tbat do nol bear t .e allgbtest reteinblaoce to iheir baptiunal naincs. Aud, moro curiously, people uLtcmpt to Ignore j or vary the di-s.gnntioiis of Uu-ie kuceïton wbo bore Cfarittlan naiucs tbat ure uot cousidered fusliionable now. Sixty-year oíd llerbert Anthony, of Reading. Pa., bas a pet terrapiu ttiat lus a decideJ love for music. Attbcsouudof any music it wuddles toward tbe souree, stlcklng lts bead aud ucek out of itssbel just as iar na posnible. It bas its own particular corner of the kitcbeu snd insists ujwn staylng tbere. It d.inks a llttle water evtry other day, aud eats u Uttle raw beef every tblrd day. Plans are being consldered to enlirC(í tho Brooklyn tabernacle, wbicb now seats -,r).si. Oue plan is to put in a second gall iy nnd to elévate the organ aud put seats under It. Anotber is to buy adjoinliig properly aud lucrease lbo s'zc of the Imlldin on the est side. Tbis would destioy its ymraetrj and, it is fcared, would effect its acoustic prop1 rties. Tbere are now 3,700 meinbers of tbe cbuich. Ai tlie greato t pain-cure, 8t. Jacob (il is rocoinniende 1 liy public men o America an 1 otlier conntrles. Hon liill Flint, Li e Henator of the Dominion la' lia ueiit. Canada, found it to act like a charm. The Austro-Hungarian con ui at Liee, relerring t thi commsrclil bitween Au tro-Hun.ary nnd lïelgium. bay tlint 80,000,0 0 fr.u.cs worth of egs are annually impirted into Bel rium. Miss Copine Markoe of Washington, is dit:e-='ei ovor the uews aper not ri' tv guind thi-ouh lur repoi'ted engajerne it to Secret iry linyard. iu d denies tlint thorp i . the fli 1 foundation of iact for such an iinnou icement. Bishop Key bas been invited to mükehis home in Atlanta. The Texa-i Methodist iu rite him t e eet any city in tbelr state aml baiclt Ihoir invitatiou witb the oller of a$10,0j0hous ■. Kx-Mnyor Latrobe. Baltimore, Md., savs the bet cough medicine is lol Ktar Cough Curo. Or. S tmuel K. Cox D. 1)., of Washington D. C, aftei' a careful analysis, proiiouncod it jiurely veg tab'e, nnd m 't ex #:!ent. for thr at t.uub!s. Price, tw ;ty nv cents a bo.t.a. Burlington Free Press; The Ottoman empire doesn't compare wlth the deraoeracy of the sofa.


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