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Queen Margirett i of Ita'y. took pity on tbe wao were [uzz'ed over the to:lets it .1 rece .t court b:ill at Rome, and dictated t- tDem ;i desorlptioa of the h n l.-oinc dreses. She wou d up wit t ie injnaction not to for et hor nechlacc of pi arls, tayine. "lor tiirse aro the thinxthit esjeoially intere t your lady readers." Carter's Little Liver Pi'.ls are Exceedingly small an 1 sugar-coated. One is a dcso. Capt. Kid I's ir ■usuro ís s'ivpised to be underneath tl.e sands ou tbe b_ach at Upper Nyaok, N. Y. Fortune's Favori'ej are those who court fortune- those who are always looking out lor and investigating the opi or unities tliat are olieiel. Send yout' address to Hi ; liet t it ('o., l'ortland, M line, Bnd they will mail you free, fu.l particulars ahout work that yon can (io vi i o living at home, wherever you are located and earn from $5tofL5 per dav and unw-irils. Capital not re juired. ou are stnrted freo, Koth sexes. All age-. Somo have earued over S5D in a single day. All ís new. There are over 1,700 inm ites ín the insine asvlum ou Ward's Iïlund, New York City. If yoa do not Oet Proper Strongfi From yonr food, use Caiiter's Littlb 'J he new Enelish yacht Thist'e, is coming overto comí ete vr the American cup in the internat oual race next fall. "Bkown's Bbonchial Tiiocuüs" are excellent for tbe relief of Honrsenes and ■"■ore Throat. TLey are exceedingly effectÍV8. Late statistici show that there a'e 400,CO0 nmarri.d m n and over 40ü,(M) unmurried women in Paris. C;irt r's [,ittlr Liver Pilis mav well be termed 'Porfoction.'' Their tener il aotion and good eilect on th" svst m, real. y make tliein a perfect little pilt. Tliey 1 loa e tb so wbo use them. The 50.0(0 Krencli who lived in Lower Canada whcn the English conguered ït have increased to 1 2 V A Hisband's Greatest Blessin; !■ a stroní. heilthy, viporous wife, with a clonr, handsomo complexion. These can I uil b aCujuired by mini Dr. Harter's Iron ! Tonic. Mrs. T.A. HendricksTtatêslhat she will I not write her late hubaml's memoirs, as been re]ort -d. If affll t il with gore eves u e Dr. Isaac Ttotn; son s Bye Water. Druettisis sell it. 25c. IVHliin one and a half of the Otsego, N. Y., i Ostofh'cj are living nineteen peop'e whose aggreeatt ages are 1.5J0 years. Tba yonngest is 81. "I WIS" I cmld"flnd sometlilng that would cure ;;alls and prevent the hair coming in white," is an expression frcquently lieard. Veterinury 'irbollaalve will :ih ajs do it. Bold by Druggteta at 50 cents and 1.00. The Teil teiuplione bas 14 1S5 mi'e. of 1 ne and its earnings for I-S- were $3,0 17,00 . No Opium in Piso's Cure for Cqnsumptlon. Cures wbere otber remedies fail. 25c. Sign in a New York resort: "No excusa if found with anotber nian's bat." Pages Árnica Oil The bost salTe in the worlrt for Burns, Wonnds and sores of all kinds, lioils. Kl-Ioii. Cullblnins, Kroen Keet, IMvS, Barbr'a u. ü, tmu Kyes, Cüappeil Uun.N. Mire Tliruul, BclU llo;.l, l'iiuplus ou tlia ' Kacti, andaJl skin diseases. ForT.lverComplalnl. Stok Ileaiaohe, Conntlpatlon use Ptt+;es Maitdrake ï'llls. Above retnc" sold by DruuKists or at;nt by mail for 2ï ceuts by C. W. Sunw JkX',a.. SvracuiiC, K. Y. _ S5MEDALSAWARREDT0 1 WHËIs ■ Backftche, WaknM, CoMi !n Mtho Oi.'it ;ni all Arhei ad Utrt.ÍQMM 1 J J Bewi.irimitatlocs uodorilmlUrJ 1H H i ■OHQdlocDaineB. AaK roa Vp uK llBHSON'a iïDTAKI NOfl I SB ilAsíEn ; THEBEST IK For Weak Women. ■rs. Lydia E. Pinkham, Lynn, Mass: 'About the first of September, 1831, my wife was taken with uterine hemorrhage. The best styptic the physician could prescribe did not check it and slio Rot more and more enteebled. She svas troul)led with Prolapsus Uteri. Leucorrliuaa, nunili ness of the limbs, tiirkness of the stomach and loss of nppetite. I purchased a bottle of your Vegetable Compound. She said she. cuuld discover a salutmry effect from the first 'lo'e. Now she is comparatively free from the Prolapsus, Stomach's üickness, &c. The hemorrhage is very niuch better and is lesg 'it the veg'i'ar pèriodi. Her ajipetite is restored, and her general health and strengtb ure mach improved. We fee! we have been vo iderfully benefitted ana our hearts are drawn out in gratitud for the same and in sympathy for other sufferers, for whose sakes we nllow our names to ba nsed." C. W. EATON, Thurston, N. Y. Tho Compound is put np in Pili Lozenge and Liquid form. All sold by druggist-i. The Pilis and Lozenges sent by mail on receipt of price. THE GBAJÑTD RAPIDS IIERD Holstein-Friesians, Abont 100 TÍI2AI) of hoth sexrs and all ages. Several Head of BULLS REA.DY for SERVICE Up to iwo yeirs oM. Chotee Cows ai.d Beilers brei o my prize service bulls Prins Midlum and Jonge Carré, Who have no superiors. A sppcialtyoí younc pairs nrt akin for foundation stock. Every Heaii ReKiMtercd and Guarantocd Pure-Bred. Write for Catalogue and prices, and state age and sex desired, or come and see the herd. M. L,. SWKKT. Breeder and lmjo-ter, Fhbhtiunthis paper.] Grand Raplds. Mich. WZApiDOIL IlaTe been enjoyed by the cltlien of nearlv evcry town and city In the u. S , aml thouinds of peopla van tcatify to the wonrierful hcalintr power of Hamlin's Wizard Oil. It Cures Neuralgia, Toothache, Headache. Calarrh, Croup, Sore Throai, RHEUMAfSSM, Lame Back, Stift Joints, Sprains, Bruises, Burns, Wounds, Old Sores and All Aches and Pains. The muny testimoniáis received by us more than prove all we claim for Ibis valnuble remedj. It aot only relieves the mgst sovcre pains, but it Cures You. That's the Idea! For sale 'y all Drutriffsts. Prlce, 5O cents per bottle. Our Song Uüok malled free to evorybody. Address WIZARD OIL COMPAKY. CHICAGO nROPsy B0 TREATED FREE. ■ Havetreatod Dropsy and lts oomplk-ations with the mwi wondvrfal rucoomi om veaetabto remwUpentir ly hM-mless. Kernove all symptoms of dromy in eljrht to twt'iity days. Cure patiënt pronounced bopeteSH ly I of pliyslrians. From the flratflOM thesymptonifl rapiilly tlisajipear, and in ton daya at least twu tliirds oí all Myinptuinsure removed So:mo niay cry hutnbuf without knowinpr nnythlng aboiitJt. Renembtrit does not cost jou tLttythlagto thO int'iit of our tieatincnt for yonielf. TtVö arA constant Ijr cuting cacs of lons1 sujidins - casos thí.t h.-ive been tappod a number cf tliue and tho pa ticntdcclarcd una blo to live a weck. Givo a ful) hlstO17 if 0M9, name, afi"?, kcx. how lonj? nlHii-ted, Ac. Bcnd fof fre p&mpfaJet, contiitnin teothnonlala. Tiin tlays traat uient fornished FREE ly nulL lf vn ovtlcr tii:il send, JO cents in stampa to puy po poid.iivolv curcd (S"?Untion tliispapcr.) ;H. H. GREEX & SONS, N. IV, 250H Uaritítta Strcvt, Atlanta, Ga. gfiRON BTONIC Fj Will rurify tho BLOOD rtgnlat ■Bn the LlVER i"l KIDNEYP nnd "Ufc Krstobk the HEAI.TH andVIOJ L OR o( ÏOH1H Djieni,nl Jv-r L of Appetitfl, JndifiestionXnck ot BL StrpiiL:t.h nnl Tired Io!ing iibT if L BoUltuiy cured: Borfla, ffln [Vfcv M. clM nnd ncrvfs receire nw ?HBk fora. Enliven thf mind JHIk nnd mipplirs Krnin Forer. - -- -_ ...- - Sulfnrinu frnm eomnlniiit LADIES1"1 TONIO n ife nnd speed y mr". Givfsaclenr, healtbr complexion. Frenuent attemptp rt t-mint rleitinsonly nM to tho i opularity of the or)f mol. Vo noteiporimont- -et tlio Omoivi. anti BKBT, (Dr. HARTER"? UVPR PILLS V Cure Constlpation.Llvtr Com Utnt ind EloK Ho-xinche. Sanipla Dose and Drum Brok! malled on reoclpt ottwooenls In potase, f AdüreM DU. HAKTKIl MEDICINE CO., St. Loul, Ho. _' -friM nir73iTflMa IMPTÏTlïAT. KOO FOOT w11 larffeiyfncrevw r ppprnr1uft,lr'j.iTfïn.'tliPn wpi'-i nnrt tl -'■ lni?ffT-lS promote tbeheil'hf btt wtti and de e-nor t of bU varicfti"- of p m nfl e 'i-o mi' ron iltioa un i th nlumae. ThU Is ni f ro"n prooew; ynu simpiv eivo t.hrtrn t'e c'i"'ncilsin mnk' e -r% ; t b COCt ff l -; thi" o-ie cent a v,cc for ci"h fnwL. mail nn"kn"P8 for :.■ nifl 1. fi ! " iv I 2Mb TmoVnePRdei vcrort to fr!i;"it firvnre Ca for 2.00, lfs.' riMpecivplv. Ask ynur hk!hI trude ,, , D r writQU, F.CSTUiti-KVAT. S30QREWRRDwc',Lv 8 to ftny peraon thati'an furnlsh au IBfSf Automatic Knineine Stran Stacltf BSvl that can íio hrtínr work than the M IMPERIAL STACKER LjjflQÉLjft that we are building. Send for bJbSmB& circular and prico list wbicb wili be mniled free. AU are wp rantcd to do ?ood work or no Bale. NEWARK MACHINE C0u Columbus.O. CHICHESTER'S ENGLISH PENNYROYAL PILLS The Original and Only Genuine. Safe tuiri alway Keliabít. Bewveol ivortlili-m Imitaitiiis. Ladie-4, uk your ItrutlHt for "Chitlietcr'i Knellh" and take tic other, or Indose 4e. {rtUDMj to s for parUculara In letter bar rritirn muil. Nams VATKSU (KMIIIMtfC CHKAIH'AL CO., 2313 Mtt!l-un Square. l'Mlarfa. Vm. SI(1 hy lrnijirUt mr; litro. AÁ for "Chiche terÑ l'-ii JT II ■ '." f, ■;-.!■ ■-, ,! 1111. Tako iw othcr. IJOSEPHCILLOTTS STEEL PENS GOLD MEDAL PARIS EXPOSITION-1878. THE MOST PERFECT OF PENS ODoAKCut(MorcliantOnly)wan ed inevury townfor Yonr TanHl'i lunc i" fc cluar gire peno!n om. bii' comprit(on ts very prent 1 thlok af ter awhlle I h H be h ■■ n -en ■ ■■-tp of thrir. 'i o-'i'i Hakfr, Riph"Tnf). Va. Address B. W.TAXSILL V CO.. Chleaffo. C U R Í S WhFr t A IL 7 L St F A 1LS. gjj U Bst Coimh S'rnp. Tastesgood. Use gV ■ I ii time. Som hy dniegistó. f % u -t"a" a. i TTif% 10 j ears' ez] rs' JA I hnl I V exHinin-r In OS. Patent Office 1 M I InII I O S'inliMiMtelor8lteïi'ii turfreO „iijnif. ! n hesecare). Kewbók on patente free. Berfnnce$:CnDinilwtoner nf Pat entaoranyoiluTofflrinlof theü.a PutpnJ Omce. E. B.HTOCKINGi Attorney, 11 FS-, WnwIiiiiTton. Ip. O, FÍRE, WlNÏrWATEKanl LIullT N I N TkOOF IROIM ROOFIIMC for ny kind of Cltr or Furm I ï ti lt 1 i mt. Write for tstimonf.ils from yonr ïtatp. Addrww rOitTKU IKON BFIi f'1 . ' iwrintmtl. Ol DREPARËD PRESCRIPTIES ! 4"Z I Nervoui Deblllty, A f. Trial r. ki.eaod W pngo book of Instroctiona, iree ou recuipt af Mllwaukoe, Vii-onln. ■ ■IIKr n Curod u Hoii.p. Tri-attueni MIIJII m-nt on trial end VOI'AV a.ilted III V until jon are hencfltcl. Tcrnis Lont ■ II 11 amane Keoiuly Co., Ul'uttk, Isd. ■I a ■ ■%MMHa ■% ■■ I' ""J wunt relief Dl [IC ancl euro nt yuur m% B I ■" ■ I 1 F homo, send fat I1VI I llllbDr.J.A.SIiprmilii'1 cücular ol üutructiuuk 'Li üroadnu; , ücw lort, iinur stidï. Bu; k keeplng, U imco rormi, llUlllL. r.-jiin:ii !i p t.iniftii-, jiorthaitd, etc. .burDuhly t:mht hv iraí . Circulará lree. jaifYA.Vl-SC'Ol-a.KCiK, Ilufiulo, N. T. tt f tota admj. B8mpleswortbtl.H)FBEB. Llnn "kK mil mili-i-tlipliiirio's feet. Wrlte ircwttn't 4 Sufctu Hein Uoldtr Uo.. 11'My, Micl. '■"' " 'KTITWl VinncD'c i ',i-vii l cc iticíbci.i asiuiuij MUUfcn o rAo I LLbb.i.ymaii. kiohico, mgBHMBBBHM 'liarieatowc Moas ■ flT!"kiiTO '■' iJKBHANN. Solicita fl Uil O 1. ". nl mr Circular. W.N.U. P.--5-I7 ft n I I 1 11 Morphlne Ilalilt ('nrrd In IV I KI II Hl '■' -"' ! O" IIMlUlML UI IU Hl Vu. J. RIUUIH, L.UUU, U1U


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