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A good deal of dust ng aronnd coal stoves and open tires may be done te advantage wilh a damp sponge. An expericneed bousekeeper uses a largo, coarse sponge, once devoted to washing carriages. Throvv it into a pail ol warm water, and adil a teaspoonfnl ol spirits of ammonia. Squeeze it out as ilry as possiblo and paas il qulckly and lightly over the plain fornitura, the paint, the zinc, the corners of the carpets, the oilcloth. etc, imis nj out otcasionally. It will remove every bil of dirt, and not merely disperso it into the room. as a clolli or feather duster too ofttiii does, and leavc :i bright, shining, olear surface that is very gratifying. Wliile you have tho pail in hand you will linu ït easy to wipe offhnger luurks or traces of that grime which geeras to come, no one knows how, in Winter. You giyo a cleanslng touch here and tlicre to doors, cupboard ahelves, or tables, irith very little los of time, and without any of that delibérate eft'ort required for regular olean ing. CLEANING WOOLWOUK. If the woolwork is not much soiled stretch it on a frame and wash it over with a quart of water into which a tablespoonful of oxgall has beendropped. If niuch soiled wasli with gin and soft soap in the proportion of a quarter ot a pound of soap to half :i pint of gin. When carefully washed stretch the work out to dry and iron on the wrong side while it is still damp. If the woolwork is only faded and not dlrty stretch it on a frame and spongeltwith a pint of warin water into which soap the sizo of a walnut has been dropped and a teaspoonful of oxaH. Wash ou the mixiure by sponging the work over ( with plaln warm water and leava in ik tram tmtil it is perfctly dry.


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