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Danenho Wer Suicides

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I,ieut. John W. Danenliower of Arctie fame, coinmittcd suicide at the naval academy in Annapolis on tho momlng ol the 20th. lcceased was about 87 years of age and entered thu naval service in lSGti (rom Illinois, in which state he was born. The lieutcnant was on duty on board the United States steamer Vandalia wlien thal vessel conveycd Gen. Grant to Egypt, and in this way he made the acquaintanceaml gained the high esteem and admiration of the general. So favorably was Gen. (runt impressed that when James Cordon Bennett proposcd the Jeannette A iet e expedítion, Grant strongly urged Lieiit. Danenhower as a fearless and capable ofllcer for such service. Lieut. Danenliower volnnteered and was appointed as navigating officer of that expedttion, Balling in I8ïy and passing with credit through the terrible harships of that voyage and the loss of the Jeannette. Naval oflims have conceded to Danenliower the credit for saving hls party. Upon his return in 18S2, with Melvllle as the only other surviving offieer, Lieut. Danenhower was a sutTerer from eye trouble, the result of arctic privations, exposure, etc. When sufflciently recovered Danenliower was detailed to the naval academy at Annapolis as Instructor, and suusequently as assistant commandant, in which posltiona he has been very popular with the cadets. Some days before the suicide he went to Norfolk to superintend the litting out of the practice ship "Constellation, " and during this service manifested such depression of spirits that several of his fellow officers believed his mind was unsettled. Before his arctic expedition lic was at one time conlined In the asylam near Annapolis. It is generally admitted tbathe must have been temporarily Insane when he committed suicide. The lieutennnt'a nnrsnnal onrl rlnnwii ir nfFüir.'. tvfrp of the most happy e.haracter. A few years ago he married, in New York, a daughter of State Senator Sloane of that state. His widow is left with two Infant cliildreu, who are absont on a visit. An Order to G. A. It. Posta. Gen. FairchikI, commander-ln-chlei of the ü. A. E., has Issued the following order: NATIONAI, HeADQVAKTERS, G. A. R., ) Madisox, Wis., April 19. f General order No. 12. I'osts of G. A. 11. , are requested not to comply with any request for tlieir opinions as a post on any subject unless su li action shall have tlie approval of national and department lieatlquarters. Further orders on thla subject wiU soon be issued. By command of LUCIEJS FAIRCniLD, Commander-in-Chief. The Nova Scotla assembly killed the annexatloa bilí.


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