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Mosquitos are alrcady troublesome Iq maní places in California. A resident of Altoona, Pa., owns a spionlngwheel ihat Is over 150 years oíd. A rcmarkable fall of snow covers nearlv all England, blocking tue roads In mauy places. The universlty library at Camljridse, Eaeland, Ís to be enlarged at an expense of $50.000. Six towns in Windbam county, Vermont, bave clectcd women ai supcrlDteudeuts of schouls. Herr Falbe, the wise Austrina, who saya he predicted the recent carthqiiakc, predictl more for April aud perhaps a ícw for M:iv. A Chlnaman who receully left San Francisco, Cal., on a steamcr for hocne, took ith him bis Peruvlan wife. Dr. McCosh hopes to reraaln at the head of the PrincetoD college until it bccomes lnuame and in fact, a full-fledgcd univeisity. In Japan paper is made of a substanee known as '-marine algoo." It is strong and so tianspareat that it can bc used in place of gl;i6B. JohnQ. Whittler thinks that If the agging funl for the Longfelloiv memorial la ever to be made up itcau not be "done otherwise thau by vifrorous pcr-onal solicitation." in Dorrne a well near Pine üroTe. Esmerald countv, Kevada, steam of a temperature hot etiouifli to cook potatoe was stiuck at adeptb of siity feet below tbe surface. Already thlrteen postoffletss m this country have been named afler Col. Umont, Clereland'a secretary, while Secretar Gariaud'i name bas been given to only seven. Oo oae oí the principal reets In Thomaton, (ia., a pliyslclan and a shoemaker occupj tbe ame building. Over tbe door is cialked tUe sljrii : '-We repair botb sole and body." A New Torktr bas lnrenfed a musical toj in thfi xbape of a champagne bottle laterallr cüvidej, and on the ladUe of tbe section Is a vjolin and strings, on wblch music can be discoursud. James Tavlor, while die?in? a well on bil rui m near ExceNlor, Wis., found In a be 1 of gravel tweuty feet below the surface a lot oí beaullful nmethysts and one vcry lar'e and valualile ruby. One of tbe largest stock farms in the world is tbat owued by the Powell Brothers, neat Sprwgsboro, Pa. It covers an area of 2 5J0 acres. ïhe aunnal borse sales on tbe place aiuount to over $3U0,000. A private telegram from Fort Benton, M. T qnotea the followlDg prices of siaplesln that town : Flour, $7 per sack; coal, $50 to $30 per tODigreeu wiilow wood, $:30 per coid ; potatoc-s uot to be had at auv prlee.


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