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Thebe is no excuse for the electric lights being out in the darkest nights of the year. Sunday night there was no liglit, and Monday night it was Egyptian darkuess. On the corner of Bowery and División streets the light has been out at least one-third of the time since the city entered into that contract. Again on Hurón and División the same may be said of the light there. If this is to continue, something sbould be done. This electrical light company guaranteed certain things; it is no fault of the city if pipes give out, they should prepare for contingencies. What our citizens want is light, and light they will have. It has recently come to light that one of the measures vetoed by President Cleveland last winter, saya the Lansing Journal, embodied one of the biggest land stealiug srhomes ever eet on foot in this country. It was no less than au attempt to appropriate for the benefit of private individuals a piece of territory is big as Connecticut. It was introduced into the house as a mild little bill "to extend the laws of the United States over certain unorganized territory south of the state of Kansas." The measure actually passed both house?, and had been placed in the hands of the president, when Gen. Weaver discovered there was a large sized African "in the fonce." He informed speaker Carlisle of his suspicions, and that gentleman telephoned the president at the White House to withhold his signature until time had been given to investígate the matter. Although a delegation of republican senators called at the White House, to urge the president to sipn the bilí, he resolutely refused to do so. A little later the real character of the bill was disclosed. It was a clever cloak to one of the most bare faced swindles that ever received the sanction of any congress. Of course it was a pet republican nieasure. Senator Plumb, of Kansus, worked hard to put it through. and he nearly had a conniption fit when the president vetoed it. He was the land grabbers' attorney.


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