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Botanizing is jast now the fashiou. Freshman banquet Thursday May 5. Regent Whitman was in town Friday. Dr. Danster was in Detroit Saturday. A. E. Jennings Las the Germán measles. Q. D. Arudt, horneo., '88, has accepted a position in Detroit. Mr. Kenzis, medie, '87, is very ill with an attaok of pleuro-pneumouia. Louis Boyle held services in the Episcopal church at Dexter laat Sunday. The University glee olub will give a concert in Ypsilanti, Wednesday evening, day 4. About 50 freshmen have signifled their ntention of attending the freshman anquet. Prof. Vaughan's lectures on medical urisprudence are well received by the tuden ts . The executive sommittee of the Hobart guild held a special meeting Monlay evening. A marble bast of Mr. James McUillan. of Detroit, will soon be placed n the library. Again the gymnasium appropriation las been defeated. There will be a sophomore social at ihe residsnce of Miss Spcnce on the evening of May 5th. The dean of the law department has commenced his quizzes to the seniora upon domestic relations. The senior medies will play a game of jall to-morrow with the pharmics. A Ine exhibition is expeoted. As Prof. Griffin is still sick, Prof. íent has been engaged to lecture on Pleadings," to the júniora. The homceopathic hospital is f uil. 3very bed is ocoupied and patients are given cots in the corridors. President Cleveland has been invited ;o attend the aemi-oenteumal anniversary of the university June next. Twenty-five couples attended tbe sophomore social Friday evening. Music y the University orohestra. Chas. Goodrich, who was graduated in he literary department three years ago, died in Kansas City, Mo., last week. A friend of the homoeopathic hospital sent each patiënt a large bunch of cut lowere last Sunday, affording much )leasure to the affiicted suiferers. Owmg to the weather the feame of ball jetween the independents and the Normal club did not take place last Saturday but will come off to-morrow. Prof. Hogers will preside over the coniest bet ween the Jeffersonian and Webster societies, May 6th, in University ïall. A large audience is expected. There are 265 ladies in the university ;his year, divided as follows : Literary, L75; medical, 51 ; law, 6 ; pharmacy, 2; liomceopathic, 27 ; dental, 4. Last year ;here were 229 which would seem to indicate that coeducation is on the increase. Mrs. Mary Collins Whiting, was admitted to the bar Saturday, and she passed a most creditable examination. All questions were answerei promptly, and some of them put to her would have auzzleJ the oldest member of Washtelaw county bar. Next Monday M. M. Mann and J. E. Carpenter will start as delegatea to the convention of Alpha Delta Phi which meets at Boston tbe 4th and 5th of May. Quite a number of delegates will meet at Albany, where a specidl car will be in waiting to convey them the rest of the way. A company of Orohard lake cadets visited the city last Saturday and gave an exhibitiou drill on the campus at 3 o'ulook in the afternoon. The weather was very cold and windy whioh rendered flne drilling rather difflcult, however, the company did very well iudeed. They did the best work in the manuel of arms having that down very flne. The marching was not so well done there being some wavering in the lines. The drill;ng on the whole was the best done here for some time. A meeting of those iütereated in base)all was held last Saturday morning at ) o'clock, when the following offleers of ;he assooiation were elected: Prof. De pont, president; Chas. Millar, vicepresident ; L. K. Oomslock, seoretarv and treasurer ; directora, C. A. Kead, Jno. Duffy, W. H. Holden, F. D. McDonell and M. M. Mann . As it is desirable to have the games on the campus ;he following oommittee was appointed ;o solioit subscriptions : Senior olass, Cramer; junior, Kiskadden; law, Banks; sophomore, Duffy ; fresnman, Morrow; medioal, Gardiner; dental, Hendrickson; Dharmacy, Pemberton.


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