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The Woman That Looked Like Kate

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Mr. John L. Jarrett relatad a little story to me reeently, for the trutb oL which he ia ready as I ara tovouch. He said: "I was walking through a corridor of the capital at Washington ono day with a mcinber of one of the largest who!esale baad varo iirnis in New York - a gentleman whose manner would impresa themost casual observer with his bighmindednese - when we carne upon a lady whom I recognized as my companion's wife. " 'Why, Kate,' said my friend, 'wbat are you doing here? W'Jien did yo come?' "The lady looked in a puzzled manner at him a moment and siiid, not ill-naturedly, 'I don't know you, sir.' "My íriend looked more cíosely at her and said, 'Why, Kate, what do you mean?' "I saw by my friend's face that he had reached the sameconclitsion I had -that his wife had lost hor reason. " 'Katft-h linally burst out, 'for Qod's eakfcfioa't you know me, your husband? "At this the lady drew back and looked frightened, protesting that she never saw him beíore. I tried to say something proper to the occasion, bnr before I could do so my friend had drawn a photograph of his wife f rom his pocket and shown it to the lady, saying, 'See, Kate. I am your husband; see this?1 " 'Where did you get that sir?' said the lady. "I never was sobefuddled in my life. I wondered if I could possibly be dreaming all this. The ladv was now thoroughly frightened, and trying to get away, wbile my Íriend was even mote frightened and was trying to detain her. It looked as if we were noing tomake ascene, so I drew my fru-nd apart and advised him to let her go until she reached some more retired spot. We followed her and soon saw her point us out to an oílicer ofthe Senate, whom í knew very well. The officer approached, and indignantly asked wliat we meantby our eonduct. An explanation followed, and it turned out that the lady was the wife of a gentleman in Washington. "Of coursethe mostabject apologies followed, and then carne my friend's wife trom New York to verify his story. The two families became very intimate, but to this day neither Imsband is sure when he meet one of the ladies anywhere except at home whether she is his wife or not."


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