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Chewing Is Bad Form Now

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Manufacturera of tobáceo say that the habit of chewing is rapidly becoming as obsolete as tliat ofsnuff taking, except among workingmen. "You will find some of the older men of wealth and relinement who chew nowadays," said a large dealer;'-but they acquired the habit years ago, when it was not thought vulgar or disreputable to chew, Some of the older Judgeu chew, and there were members of the Supreme Court of the United States who were not easyon thebencli unless they had a quid. A very lew clergymen use tobáceo in thia way, and not a few oftlie older lawyers andother professional men ot years. Butin the youngergenerationot'cultivatedmeriof cood nianners Lhere are very few, comparatively, now to be found wlio chew. Tlie young men of to-day rarely acquire the habit, and I prerlict that within the next few years users of the weed in this form will be only those who belong to the less cultivated society. It is nowresarded au very bad form torhew, thoueh thirty years auo it was not. No; chewing is going the way of snuff takina." Many of our most prominent public men have fought hard to overeóme this habit. In Chicago and St. Louis chewing is now regaraed as vulgar by persons who make any pretensiöns to social standing, and many of the dovices employed by men to overeóme the habit are amusinc. At the late trial of Maxwell in St. Louis the three prosecuting oílicers were noticed constaotl; chewini; during the trial, and one of them said: "Yes, we are chewiiit; spruce gum, and we are doinc it to break the habit of chewing tobáceo, and if you will notice on the street you will see three men out of five (I mean, of course, those who are not workincmen) vieorou&ly working their jaws. They arechewinggum.for there seems to be a sort of tacit agreement among gentlemen here to quit chewing Tobacco." Many men now carry a strip of slippery elm in their pocket, and when they feel the oíd craving come over them, then they biteoff a bit and chew it.


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