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"orange Hash" Is The Name Of A Lately-in

"orange Hash" Is The Name Of A Lately-in image
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ventcd fruit dish now pouular in Charleston, S. C. "Orange liash" is made of tliat fruit; also bananas, lemous, apples, ralsins and pineapples, cut into llttle bits and served with iüjtar and nutme?. The raanuer of its serving Itrvs peculiar as the dish itself. A hole is cut In au orange large enough to admit i spoon, and after the insidc hus been scrapsd out the orange is filled with the hiish and a llttle champagne or other wine- jiwt enóugh to fill in the chinlts- and the whola is frozen. the "pólice department of New York 1$ not prejudlced evidently in the matter qt selec tlons for "the fiuest." Thirty the ranks were made reccntly 011 prcrbation. Four of the numb-r were inachinists iour werecierks, ten were conductors or drivers of cars or trucks, three were teatnsters, two were blacksmliln. two were ageuti, oiie a printer, one a buteher, one a rigger, oue a watchman, one a ncwsmau, one a gateman, one a bookkeepor, one an nndertaker, one a flieman, ona a milkman, one a cutter, and one a stalrbullder. The alumni of tbï Uuiversity of Pari? nurabercd nearly 11,00!) last year. Of tlieïe no fewer than 3,78i studyia.i; for the legal profession, wh Ie 3 6'j:i were attemüu tlie course in the school of mediciuc. rliarmag} engaccd the attentioa of l,7ir stiulcnts, letters of 928, and srienre of 40?. Tho f aoulty oí theology is very (ai frora belnj; as flourishluf; as It was in the davs of AbelarJ, ouly 35young raen having attcniled the leelures in thls depaitment o lSSü. Tlie female stuilents uumbered 167, of whom IOS were qualifted for a medical career, wliüe 51 were engajed In literary studies. Tlieie were 7 lady scieu tists and only öne lady lawyer. "The women of San Francisco are being eized with the inania of weailng men'3 clothes," says The Etahüner, of that city. ''There have been many more scandals of tliis charaetr lately than haTe erer got into the columns of the daily press. There is somethiug dcllglitfully morbid abtmt reversing one'ssex. And there are few'thingj deliglittully morbid to wliicli the womea of San Aanclsco have not attained. Nothing, in Jeud, shows how fast th s gay youn town Is becoinlng old in siu, like l'aris, Vienna, aud Berlín. The strangest thiug about it all is that women lnvariably thiuk they aro disrois;i when dressed up m an-.n.",


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