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The Urilliant fcrlumph of the Orehanl Lake cadete al the national competitivo drill ia a cause tor rejolclng lo ever; loyal Michigan man, and has filled tbc iicart of Col. Kogers witli o pardonable prlde. ün dress parade bu ííemorlal dáy the Orchard Lake ln: "were eheered by Uie 10,000 tpectat 'ís wiio had gathered to v.itness (he parade. Col. Hogers addréssed the boys at the clore ot the parade us follows: '■Cadets - Our expectatlona are more than realiïed. ïou have not only fairly won the fir.-t prize i" the cadet Wass. but wheu thlrtj' state are representad by their lini'st aAldlery yon have been pronounoed by the board of jndges the t'mest trained cotnmand In the national camp! This is glory enough to dlstribute tbrougli the ten Btates and territorles (rom whlch you hail and leave abundance to be carrled home by the detail irom the RepubMc of Panama. Not only in the Beid, but in the camp, by yonr deportment as Boldlers and gentlemen, have you won high ee.ouiiuins from all observéis. 1 ie 1 pot reBlind you that your snccosa has been inainly due to the linn and constant discipline to whlch you have so cheert,ullj submittcd. Too mucb credit cannot be Riven to our excellent commandant Lient Stront;, for his untirlng devotion and valuabl instniction. Capt Wlnans is justly entitied to the compliment paid htm by the judgé (aposición whlch no boy of 17 iia i'vcr befara ftttained), tliat of being pronounced tfte most capable captain in the camp. iov. Luce lias sent a message congratulatlrig and thanklng you n bi'lialf of the iieople of Michigan, and I wish to ihank you tor this, the proudest event of iny life. ': The Sliehigan cadete pcesented Col. King Of Milwaukcc, witli a handsome pair pi bronze timin-s. the event taiiing place at WHlard's liotel. The presentation speech was made by Adjt.-(;en. Aingerof Michigan, on Lehalf of the governor of the state, and Cod King made a fitting response, tol. King vlslted the scliool and. being a very tine tacttelan, was of gral fffesistance in preparing the boys for h contest


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