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Artlcles of as8oclatlon tor the Michigan gold itiintng tomparry were Bied In Detroit May :jist. ■ Theirobjeel is the lulnlng, re lining. smelting and manufacture of gold, silver and kindred metáis In the eountar of I.emhi, Idaho. The capital stock is $500,ouo, in ü.üoü shares.fwtth ir.' paia In and $460,000 worth of real and personal property to be eonvèyed to the company. The iiirrctiirs f ar the Bral yearare lí. A. ai_m r. s. A: rtnmer, Alian Sbelden, F. .J. Hecker, M. s. Smith. .1. C. HcCaul, C. II. Ellis, C. Thompson and È. M. nuffield. Gen. Pierce and Col. Wells, actinp; as a special committee, have let the contract to Chicago parties to put n au elevator in the soldiers' home. and 1 tan 8 have heen accepted for water works and 6re protection, inch provide for a 4-lúch maln arofind the building, tap'ped at convenient i'laccs by hyiliants. A lage sKain )iiiiiii will draw the water trom :i distant creek,whlch will bc used and theri förced throagh the pipes tu all paris of the building, the official test requirlug the throwing of a streani through a 1 i inch ïmzlc 126 feet íiifíli. Judge Grldley has rendered a decisión in the celebrated case ol I'.u - ey vs. Uussey, hich has been before the Jacfcson ciiviiit court for the past twnAeais. 'J'he was to te-t the validity if cevtain fceds of property beldriging to the wife ol Wc latter Bussey, who showed deeds whiih he clalmed hls wife had slgned, recoHVeylng the property back t him. Judge Kriiliey ruled agalnst the slgnatiires ol' the deeds. and Ihat they were fortteiies. The casi' lias bren the most notable civil clise ever uieii in Jacksón courity. In the case of Mrs. Boyd, who recovered a verdict fiom Christopher Post, a RockIdril saloonist. of 80,500 damages, by reas..ii "I the deleiiilaiit sellinj; her husband tkjuor and thereby causlng him to commlt qiurder and be Bentenced toprlgon for Ufe, .Iiulue Montgomery made an order grftntin a new triiil upless the. plaintifl will consent to a rednetion in the verdict to 750 and costs. This aelion is basud on the tact tliat Boyd was au habitual drnnkard and was not made so by l'ost. Vire destroyed six business piares and one dwelling house in St. [gnace on the afternoon of May 20, The buildings were all poor wooden structúres, in the hoart of the city, and the drought for the past. five weeks had put them in the best posslble fondition for a large conllaiiration, and had it not been for the heavy rain falling at the time a great man y more buildings would have been lost: The lire Is believed to be the work of an incendiary. Losses estimated at 310,000. The seoretary of the interior hasaffirmed tho decisión of the commissioner of the general land office, decldlng adversely to the state the swamp land contests in the Keed City district agalnst Martin Brand, Krank S. Packard, Archlbald Walker, llomer E. Walker, Lewis Jewell, Seldun Brandt, O.rl A. Johnson, ffm, Newberry, Alnura lirent, A. W. Nichols, Francis J. Wood, August Larnson, Mrs. Sabra Chappell and And re w. Peterson. At the annual meeting of the Michigan air line railroad, the follovviug directora wero elected: II. B. Ledyard, Asliley Pond, Wllllam B. Wells, Henry M. Campbell, Alexis ('. Ángel 1, Daniel A. Waterman of Detroit, Cornelina Yanderbilt, Willlam K. Vanderbilt, Cliauneey M. l)ejiew and E. D. Woreester of New York: J. W. Frencii oí Three Rivera, and Enoch Bancker and Eugene Pringle of Jackson, The last issue of the Farmers' Review, contatos the foUowlng report trom Michigan: The coiulitiou of winter wheat is placed at 88 per cent. in seven Michigan counties reporting. The average reaclies 100 per cent. in Grand Traverse and Shiawassée connties and ranges irom 75 to 95 In otliers reportlng. ltain Is still needed in Grand Traverse, Lenawee and Van Buren counties. The seoretary of the treasury has awanled the contract for supplying vessels with fuel and stations in the eleventh lighthouse district to Jos. II. Ilurley oï Detroit The prlcea tu be pald are: Anthracite coal, $0 44 per ton; bitiiminous COal, 83 58 per ton: hard wood, Sö 50 per rnnl. t;. St K. McMillan of Delroit secures the contract for supplying provisions in the same district. The new county of Luce will pay its judge of probate S200 per anuum, sheriff and all (ees allowed by law, county clei k S400, prosecuting attorney 8350. The board of supervisors of the eounty voted to issue bonds to the amount of S",000 to bulld a jail, fnrnish county records safe, etc., and to defray t lie necessary expenses uf tlie new county. The Lake Linden correspondent of the Marquette Mining Journal says: "Temporafy luiildings are going ap in every dlrectlon, and canvas signs wlth "Bank Open;" "Restaurant, E. M. Rule;" "Plerce, Hardware Store;" "Alaska Saloon;" ''I siill Uve, Fred Sargent," are seen un different buildings." The Petoskey fish hatchery will senil out a special car soon wlth 8,000,000 or 9,000,000 wall-eyed pikc. They will be princlpally planted in fchesouthern part ol the state, in Branch, Ilillsdale, Jackson, Lenawee and Washtenaw counties In all the principal lakes and rivers in those counties. A few days ago 'W. EL Bornell, tlio Adams expresa agent at Ce lar Sprlngs. realgned iiis posltlon and started for Wusiiington Territorv witli hisfaniily. At cago liis wife dii'il and ihebcreaved family returned home. was an invalid, and thé jouniey liad been nndertakén tor her benefit. Ben Paine of Mt. Morris, who lias lain In the jaii at Klim tor a year charged with compilcity Ia a burglary, has been discharged at the nstanee of the prosecutlng attorney, on the ground tliat he is a minor, and was led into the crime by elders. Patrolman John Klebbaof Detroit, while trying to arrest a man, was set apon by 9 Sang of tOUffhfi and hrutally beaten. He drew lus revolver and fired, instantly killlag (ine of the gang. William Dolan. The otticer wlU be held pending an investigatlon. Tiie Michigan mutual benefit assoclatlon lias jnst Bettled two COUtested cases: that of Shewey, oeeurred in 1683; and that of Minor, In iss4. Judgmeuts had been obtainetl in both cases for froin $8,500 to $4,000. 'J'hey were each settled tor Si, too. I.awsiui Ishan has been pardoned out of the state prison at Jaekson by Gov. Luce. He was sentenced f rom Montealm county, Bept. 24. 18S4, for live years for manslaughter. imt extenuating ciroumstances have been shown. No part of the prize money won by the Orchard Lake eadets is tobensedbi paying their expenses to Washington. Some Detroit gentleman gave 8ÍS25 for this purlose, and the remainder is paid by (.dl. Rogéis. Joseph Allen has been sentenced by .Iii(lg; Mills to 17 years iu Jaekson for killing John ('rocker at Grand Junction, Van Buren county, last winter. His sou is already in prison for the same offense. There are 30 divisions of uniform rank, Knights of Pythias, in the statu and from lliein about 400 sir knights will attend the anniial enrainpnient, whicli cominences at Kalama.oo, June 15, and continúes five days. John Smltb, a resident of Kalamazoo, was linrribly mutilated by the premature explosión of a dynamtte cartrldge used in sinking an artesian wellnear Minneapolis, Mlnn. Both legs were torn off above the hips. Alittle son of II. M. Leet of New Haven, Grattot county, aged3 years, feil into a tub of boiling water, scalding him ín sucii a shocking manner that he dled after twu ilays of great sutl'ering. After June I a special train will be run trom Portage Lake to Lake Linden to allow the men worklng in the furnaces and smelting works of the latter place to live at the former. John Uhan of Caro, while drlving posts was severely Injuied by a maul breaklng in the hands of a fellow-workman, and strlkipg liiin in the Btomach. Uhan died the next day. Samuel Wilkes, an engineer on the South Shore road, was Injured at I-.lipemlng the other day while In the discharge of liis duties. He died in Marquette the next day. The Rev. J. P. Force of Koeler. Van Buren oounty, a Buperannuated M. E. minister, was stricken whitli paralysla the other night, nul died the next mornlng. Parke, Davis & Co. of Detroit lime been awarded tlie contract for supplylng drugs and chemtcals tor the Freedman's hospital in Washington for the year 18S7. George Brooks of Orland, Ind., who was sent to Jackson about two yeara ago or forglng a note whieh lie gold to a Sturglfl bank, dled in prlgon May 20, Wllllain Leach of st, Joseph, Mo., who had not scen his brother Calvin of Easton, lonla county, for 50 years, has been visiting liini thi.s spring. John Nlcol of St. Clalr, at the age of 85 is still m acttve business man. This s ason he is at Forester, Sanilac county, buying wool. Mr. Armstrong of Otsego county, N. Y„ will lócate in (ladwin and eilgage in the manufacture of wintergreen essence and cedar oil. " The S-yCBT old child of Daniel Massey of Quincy, feil into a pail of hot water and was so liadly scalded that it died soon after. llagan & Pine's saw and shingle mili at Ilagensville, Presque Isle county. was degtroyed by fire June lst. Loss Sü,OOO, The Hou. J. I). Lewls, one of the most prominent cltlzens f Hay city, died at I.awley, Fla., rocently. Of oonsumptlon. A. C. Lee, cashter of the defunct Saranac bank, has been held for trial for obtainlng money under talae pretensos, A terrrlble hail storm passod over Berrlen county on the lst nst. Small fruit and wheat aro badly damaged. Soldiers and sailors of St. Clair and Macomb counties, will hold thelr animal reunlon In St. Clair June '28-iíü. Charles Peterson, Who killed his brother near Flint May i.". has been found guilty of morder in the first degree. The Midland school bonds, S10.000 at 5 per cent., have been teken by the Midland county savings bank at par. Sylvaniis Howell's house at Clinton was entered by tnleyes a few nights ago and 600 in money stolen. Giles Bishop, for half a century a leadIng business man of Flint, died at Uriffin, Ga., on tne 25th uit. Chas. Peterson, the Clayton, Genesee couuty, fratiacide, has beeu sent to Jftckson for lift.


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