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Many Lives Lost

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The Opera Comlqne In Paria took fin; tlie other evênlng dnrlng tbs lirst act of the opera of "Mignon." One of the wings caught lire írom a ras jet, and the entire stage was immedialely envelopéd in llames. The lire soon spread to the whole house. Madame Vergvillier and MM. Tasquin and Bernard were on the stage wheii the fire broke out. All the actors ran out in tlicir stage eostumes. The audlence got outeasily. but tlie gaa was turned ofl bötóre all bad left the building and it is feared sonie were left in the upper tlere. The roof soon feil in, Bending a shower of sparks as far as the Place de la Iiourse. Vith the exceptlon of Mídame Sellier, who perlshed, all the actors escaped, though eral Bopernnmeriea were tnjured severely. Five Ihiiücs terribly Ininicd were COnveyed to the National Llbrary, Among them Was the body of a woinan clasjiinu a little boy in her anus. The money recelpta were savet! and depositcd in the (jaulois office. The killed melnded four Sternen, There was not a frantic rush in the theater, but it is lx'lieved Chat tlie Btalrcase beeame hlocked. The ron eurtain was lowered in front of the stage and this prevented the fire fnmi spreading Immedlately to the auditorium aml allowed the uulicnce time to escape. The men who carried away the money cliest report that when tney left the auditorium it was quite empty. The fire brigade distinguished themselvcs and many had narrow escapea Most of the casualtles so far reponed are due to nervousness. Many persons wlio were unable to trust tlicniselves to walk the narrow ledge of the cornice around the building jurnped off in terror. One woinan coolly walked around all the cornice whlle the flames were bursting above, imtil slie reached the lire escape. The victima arealmost all singers. Later reporta (rom the Opera Comique fire in l'aris place the loss of life at 200, notwithstanding the otlicial endeavor to underrate the fatalitles. Wlthin H hours alter the fire over 60 liorribly mutillated bodies had been recovero), and Inquirios had been made tor i"(; missing persons, who are supposed to liavc perished in the flames. It is believed that nearly 100 bodies lie buried in thedebris in the upper galleries where escape was imposslble.


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