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Victimized Out Of $2,700

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Daniel B. Brown will be 82 years of age tbe 12th of this mouth. One would naturally euppose that a man of hi years, and who has always been a grea reader, and converaant with the ways o the world, ehonld be so foolish as to be1 as it were, on another man's ame. Ye suoh is the case, and he is Jay ou juít TWENTY-SEVEN HÜNDRED DOLLARS. The oíd gentleman is nearly beide himself on account of bia loss, and if he sur vi ves it, it will be a long, long time before he stops brooding over being taken in by confldence men . Last Saturday morning a sleek dreas ed young man callee! at Mrs. Oeo. Effner'g house at the corner of OaUiarin and Fifth streete, and represented tha he was a reporter, and wished to rent a room for a short time. Having one vu oant she leased it to him, and he pau tbe rent in advance. Now comes the sequel. As Mr. Brown was returning home from the postofflc after the mail had been distributed Bal urday morning, he was accosted by A STRANQER who inquired about lus health, at tb ■ame time representing that he was formerly a clerk in one of the batik here. One word brought on anotbe when this stranger said tbat he had jus drawn two yaluable booka, pertaining t the history of Ohio, and you are we! come to one of them. Mr. Brown was induoed to accompnny the sbarper to tb room previously rented of Mrs. Effner Here was another man who represente himself to be an agent for a branch o the IiOÜISIANA STATE LOTTERY. Mr. Brown's decoy opened the conver ■ation with the agent (?) informing him that he had received notification that hi ticket had drawn a prize, and h would like it cashed. Inquiring th the man's name, he turned over th leaves of a lurge book, and after stndy ing it a while, said, 'Why, yes, you hav drawn 810 in cash two bookn and two lottery tickets." He counted out the money and handed over the two tickets and the books. The atranger then turned to Mr. Brown and told him that he did not wish to bother him without lompensation and handed him a tioket . He was persuaded TO TKY EIS LUCK and capper No. 1 dld the sarne. Luok ! seems was on their side for eaoh tioket rew 82,700. The lottery man then oanted out a like sum in two piles, bnt would not hand it over until Brown and lis friend planked down a similar sum s he wished to be couvinced that they were worth that much. At this the apper planked down $2,700 and asked ïrown to do the same. Of course Brown ïadn't that amount with him, and h was obliged to go to the bank for it. He oon nfter returned with a certified check or $2,700 signed by Philip Bacb. He was old that checks and gold with him were . g ; that it must be currenoy. Even len he did not "smell a mice" so eager was he on getting something for nothng. Af ter some further talk Brown eft, when he went to the Farmer's and lechanics bank, and drew the 82,700. [e afterwards returned to the lottery ffice and THKBW THE MONEV n the table. The agent picked it up and laood it upon a like amount, and then old Brown that according to the rules ie must draw again, and of course he ost. Then, said Mr. Brown when oonersing nftorwanls with a Dkmoorat reorter af ter the deal, "it dawned on me aat I had been swindled". "Finally the capper said: "1 can get he money out of this fellow, Mr. Brown. '11 enter smt against him, But I feel esponsible for getting you in here, and ï you will come with meup to my house '11 pay you baok 82.700. I've got that auoh in a trank, and then I'U make this ellow smart." The man who had also lost with ïrown, got into the latter's oarriage and rove to a house in the fourth ward near Ingalls street, where he represented that his wife was living. Here the aharper got out, promising to return in a few moments, and that is the last Brown saw of him. The pólice were notifled and Chief Sipley and sheriff Walsh attempted to find the swindlers, bat they had departed for "fresh fields and pastures uew." The loQg-eared individual who occu ! pies the gubernatorial chair at Lansing should hide his head in shame for the part he has played regarding appropriations for the eduoational institutions of this state. Smarter and wiser men than luce have been governers of this oommonwealth, and with shame be it said he is the flrst one to set up his dictum concerning the university of Michigan and appropriations for the same. A woman who, six years ago, knew nothiug of businesu, now makes the only blankets in the country that can compete with those of the famoua Mission milis, in California. Sbo has a small mili run by water-power up in Vermont, and she experimented in her own kitohen mixing the dyes until sne got the exact shades. Her blankets now aan hardly be distinguished from those of the Mission milis, and her httle mili is kept running day and night to fill heavy orders .


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