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Adam Forepaugh, Jr., Manager. A. Forepaugh, Sole Owner

Adam Forepaugh, Jr., Manager.	A. Forepaugh, Sole Owner image
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-A.3?TdOZT, J"TXX]Le 10. WithThree Times the (rentest Show on Earth. 3-"ls actually crossed the Hudson and metaphorir4faJ cally the Rubicon. In the clasalc language of ff y Julius ('ii'sar, in the briefeat military d'spatch yffxL Ñ ever transmitted to Rome. he can truly say : fcHA Veni! Vldl I Vic4 ! jf yiS ' A magniflcent Are de Triomphe, spontaneously IHE: yJK?5ÈrM erected by theconsensus of public opinión eyery)LaOV" U( where, on which the garlanda of victory already EQllf &TR{r)lWieAta7'í' float high In the air, awaita hls triumphal return X O ' V A'tvVv J' ani entrance into evcry city and town in America WN A ,v where í'ls oíd and uew friends will be anxious to VL&-U ---' see nis TR1PLK CIRCUS, CUÁDRUPLE H1PPOJ2ÜLi' DROME, DOUBLÉ MUSKUM AND MENAGERIE. IV All Now United with 4-PAW'S REMODELED ] .( 1 WILD WKST, 4-PAW'S QREAT CU8TER BATI " V TLE, 41AW'S NEW ULYMPIA, and JUNGLE l I MENAGERIE. Absolutely Grown, in All its Progi Greatest Sñow on Earth. T'ffwáú AnnArbor.Friday.JunelO !íüimÍÍIi'1'v' 9 's tne """' 'lxi'1 for """ ovati'n an1 also tho xJfCjWvllílVjT? Jl place wherein the trophies of the great conquest (X7 WJÍ fA. are to be seen af ternoon and night. Af ter having - VJ, "fr exhibited his marvelous attractions NINETEEN vOÜ . WEEKS IN NEW YORK, to the larsrest and most h k enthusiastic congregations of the kind ever seen X f) in any city in the world, it will be tbe strangest 3ü thing in the annals of flrst-class legitímate amuse Jm ments if myriads of people are not seen crowding J%S his new colossal pavilions, to bfo erected on the fV grounils selectad for the LARGEST AMPHIl -LJ THEATRE IN THE WORID, to sce andknow for """ Jk themselves jiist why and HOW THE GRBAT f .T f CUMÜLATIVEVIC10RY WAS WON 1 Thestory " iai v- qa brief one, and soon told. It flnds itssolution in o' these facts: It was J_ YICTOEY. In Number of EleplianU! In Gymnasts, Aihktes, Aorobat! In Trained Elepliante! In Hn3 Ilorm! In quadrille Elepluinls! In Roman Charwteen! In eioten ElephanU! !"■ Magnijicenee of Wardrobe! In "KnoclcOut" Elephants! In Gymnastk Somersaull Dogs! In Bicyding EUphanU! In Graat Aerial Anlipodean Feats! In The Blondín Horse! In Ouster Batlle and Wild Weet! In Equesirian Stars, Male and Femóle! In Giant Ilorm and Thirty-Horse Act! In SpeotaouUtr Display! Eerreukan Amusement Enterprise! In a word, A GRAND VICTORY IN EVERY-sfe THING. because Thorough and Complete In All tóL ■ SS S ' NEW GREAT FEATURES of every kind in Circus, ÏÉf Wt lÊËL ' ' Hipprodome and Menagerie. Finally, a Climax of ja ÏkS3 ÊÊÉL. Victory in creatin?, winning and sistaining the g '"-t3BB5 --v greatest oinount and the most prolonged applause. ' fá0?Éf m W1tt ADAM 1OREPAUGH, Jr., has literally covered S S3B Wfí éwP-Í liimselí with Metropolitan (ilory. but with becomm' 7 ,. viíHlSfe "' ing modesty and unpremeditated art he bears his 9Br Á SSllT ï.iiffV, '■ ■'"'(■Bfc blushing honors thick upon hun, Hail to 9ájgS ':ÊÈ t youngPrince of the House of Adam. Forthefirst qu fetC ' time he will introduce his GREAT _ ' HORSE ACT. You will see Adam ForePaugh's -r1Sri!'rri ' , l.felike rondition of the GREAT CUSTER BATTLE, in Comblnation with his REMODLED WILDflJfcABV.S'wiijj WEST SHOW. Whole tribes of Genuine In''jf&Lf - - " (Gy dians. Buffalo Hunts. Indian Scouts. Mexican 3-?g-tf UfQtfSËüfe Vanqueros. Ladies Throwing the iAriat. Army " )4Jjy$Ëki?6%Ë?C and Cavftlry Fl'8htB wiUl Indian3' Broadsword ) .; lw feí'i'ív Contest on Horseback. by Hcrr Xavier Urlofski HJlHíí '" "- .. .' 'mszSL 4S and Charle' w'alsh, late of the Prussian and Bayk.' %mk , 'Ar't' Bf% varían Cuirassiers, Cavalrymen a la Black Hus JCT " y'"MLï2ères 8are. A.H. Bogardvis and his Four Sons, the ll4Ja$ A ' Champion Wlng Shots of the World, and Mexis, (taL jr'i-. i'$$wiH(i'n tht Famous Female Crack-Shot, will take part iïJvSftjBPa'U,... 7 DMljHLftP in the GREAT WILD WE3T SHOW. Also, THE 3s&3j&tegL'''iJ GRANDEST HIPPODROME EVER SEEN IN s"te3B!' ANY gjjow IN THE WORLD. GREAT STREET PAGEANT AT 10 A. M. Two Grand and Complete Performances Every day at 2 and 8 p. m. Doors open at 1 and 7 p. m. Admission 50 Cents. Children Under Nine Years, 25 Cents. TWENTY THOUSAND SEATS. RESERVED NUMBKRED CIIAIRS EXTRA. For the accommodation of the public who desire to avoid the crowcis on the gronnds, reserved seats can be secured at GEORGE WAHR'S BOOKSTORE at the usual slight advance. BscnrsïoBS at B8dU6ed Rales Will run on day of Exliibition. Enquire of your Station Agent, t-ADAM FOREPAUGH'S GREAT SHOW will return to ERASTINA, New York, June 27th, for an indefinito period. Twelve acres in Park, four acres of Picturesque woods and minature lakes for the GREAT JUNGLE MENAGERIE, sixteen acres in all secured. with Hippodrome Race Track 75 feet wide and a full thiri mile around. Ten cente Croni Batery to ERASTINA. Twelve railroads, flfty steamers. 3,000,000 people within :1 minutes' ride accensible as patrons. Did anybody ever hear of a grandor scheme since the world began ? I'artioulars hereafter.


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