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The Pay Of The English Soldier

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The nominal pay of a conunon soldier is Is. aday, var.ying up to 21d. a day for men in the household cavalry. But when the prescribed stoppagej have been made toward the coat of his "keep" very little indeed is left to him in the way of pocket nioney. He may not fare badly, as compared with men of his own rank in Ufe who are not soldiers, while he is in hU teens or for a few years after. Soon, however, he wants more, and is worth more - if he is worth anything - and the bribe of 2d. a day, rising to3d.,for re-engagement, is not enough for his requirements or his deserts. He may, ot course, advunce to be a Corporal, a Sergeant, or oven a oergeant-Major, receiving as much as 5s., or in the Royal Engineers Cs., a day; nay, it is now possible for hi.n to bo promotect altogether out of the ranks and to become "an ofïicer and a gentleman." But these lacter promotions are very rare, and though there are doubtless quite as many noncommissioned oflicers as there is room or need for in a regiment, enough scope is not thus afforded for the reward of good conduct and long service which the great mass of our soldiers have a right to ex-pect. SureIy it would be to the general advantage, and notreally expensive, ifsuch a progressive scale of pay were adopted as would enable a private, if through oo fault of his own he continued to be a private all throuzh his career, to have when he was 40 or 60 years old much larger renumeral ion than the balance left to him, after stoppages, frono a nominal wage of löd.aday. The addition of a penny a day to every soldier's pay would amount to ne.iily L300,000 ayoar, but as we surrender with every soklier we discharge after seven years' service the value of something like L1,000, there would be no expense whatever if we kept that one thousand pounds' worth of soldiership in the army, in using the money to recompense our trained men for continuing in our service. - The Uentleman's Magazine.


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