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How He Did An Insurance Company

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Josiah Miller went to an insurance COtnpany to a,et a policy on one of his vessels that was about to sail f rom the West Indies for New York city with a valuablo cargo. ïhe NewYork Sun tells the story in the iollowing lanzuage: The insurance was heavy and so was the premium, because the ship was no t ratecl very wel! al 1 ilyod'8. Mr. Miller paid the premium and was told to calí in a day or two for the policy. He called eeveral times, bat the clSrka always had an excuse to offer. The president had nofc signed the po ii;y. but woulddoso when hecamein, and the document would be sent around in a day or so. Oñe morninga manoameto Mr. Miller after a breatLlees rid,e on relays of hórsea irom near Montauk, and repprted the ship a wreek on Montauk point. Mr. Miller went upto the insurance office and sa id in ;i loud voice to I heolcrk: You needn't mind about that policy, l've heard f rom my ship, You ciin five me back my premium motíejr," Cefore the clerk could think whatto say i he president of the cotnnany etepped out trom his private onice with the poliej n his band, saying: "l'm sorry, Mr. Miller, but your policy bas been signL-d and waiting fof you two or llwce l:iys. ] tneant lo send it to you, but it was lying tinder s;n papers on iny desk." Mr. Millertooktne dooi ment, and noticcil (hat the ink of the signature as nol, dry. As he tnrned to uo he Baid: "Yes, l've heard f rom the -lii[. She'a gone to piecea on Mo"cauk point, a total loss."


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