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A Moderate Gain Is Shown In The

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number of hog? marketed tho past weok, the packing in the west aggregating 155,000. against 140,000 the preceding week, and 135,000 for correspondlng time last year. The total packiug from March 1 is 1,160,000 hogs, against 1,040,000 a year ago, making an iacrease of 120,000 this season. Pkince Victok Napoleon wrote recently to M. Albert Duruy, thanking liim for a sketch of Napoleon Bonaparte which appeared n Figaro (Paris), and adding: "Napoleon oreated modern France. Code, concordat, uuiversity, bank, LegiĆ³n of Honor, administrativo, jud ei al, and financial organization - evervlhing dates from him and comes from him." Eveky new aequaintaiiee is wortli S dollar to a newspaper reporter. He niay not be able to fiud anyona who would givo him a dollar for sotne ol the men he meets, bat sorne day somethinj; happens, and then the reporter realizes that it is worth a good deal more thau a dollar to him to have sorue acquaintance with the man who kuows all about it. Mus. Hettie Gueen, the Wall street woman of many millions, s tnlghty particular in selecting the modest room she occupies in a boarding house. Her tirst question to the landlady is: "Are there any reporters in tho house?" lf not, she inquires: "Have any reporters eTer lived in the liouse?" lf such a disaster has oceurred to the landlady, Mrs. Green cares not to knovv when it happened; the more fact that reporters have had a babi talion in the house is enough. She says "good day," and is gone.


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