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The prop report for June, based apoti returns frmi 960 correspondente, representing t;-í towhfebJps, Bbows tliat the mean tem peralure for May was eight degrees abqve, the uonnal average temperature, The menu rain-fall in May was two and four-tenths tuches, or three-quarters oj an Inch below the normal average. All crops are dolug welt. The condiüon of wheat in the southern four tiers of counties is 79 per cent, compárteos belng with the vltality and growth of average years. This is 8 per cent below the condition on May 1, and 5 per cent below condition June 1, 1880. These figures Indícate a yicld per acre of nearly 13K busliels, while tlie average per acre as estimated by correspondente is lt% bushels. The condition in counties of the southërn fonr tiers ranges froin 89 in Washtenaw to 97 in La] eer. The condition is the liighest in St. Clalr, 9:1; Lapeer 97; Genesee, 91, and Sulawassee, 92. Jn the central counties the average condition i.s Ü0, and in the northerncountics 80. With favorable weather until harvest the yield if wheat will doubtless be better thau these figures Indícate, yet whatever is the final output it will certainly fall far below what it would have boeu had an average amoiint of rain fallen during April and May. Damage by Hesslan fiy, tnsecte nd worm is reported from Barry, Berrien, Cüss, Jackson and Washtenaw counties. In the southern counties eiglit per cent, in the central Beven per cent, and in the Borthern six per cent of the 1886 wheat prop is still in the farmers' hands. The wheat marketed in May was 722,191 bushels. The arta plantod to corn equals the area planted in 1880, and not to exceed 3 or 4 P',r ent of the area planted failed togrow. The area sown to oats equals and the area sown to barley is less than tliat of 1886. In condition, compared with average years, nats and barley are each 84. Clover nuailows and pastures are 80, and clover Bownthls year 75, ascompared with 95 and i)6 one year aso. Eighteen per cent of the clover sown failed to grow. In - southern Spuntles this year wages of farm hands iverage with board, S1Ö.39; in the central (niüiU's. SI 6. 58, and in northeni -oiinties, $19.40. Vithout boáfd in the southern jounties, S28.53; in the central, 25.51; and in the northeni, S;J0.5t. Apples piomlse in southern counties 81 per cent, in central 87 per cent, and in the northern 94 per cent of an average cróp. In the sonthern counties 208 correspondent reported the ontlook for peachea at 85 per cent. Of healthy peach trees tHere are comparativply few in the state and Uie total product will be small. Bright for Her Years. A few days ago a biight little girl,, 10 vi ars of age, alighted from a Chicago & Giand Trunk train at Port Iluron. She was mei by an elderly lady who seemed overjpyed at the safo arrival of tlie little one. The elüld's name is Xclly Beaudette and the elderly lady lier graudmother, Mis. Wolven of pt Clalr. Little Nelly liad traveled alone all the way from Spofcane Falls. Washington Terrltory, a íis:ance of 2,292 miles. Her mother dietl, ieaving the little one in a strange land without friends. The grandmotlier forivinlul. with t!ie fund.s to )ay for the luie girl '8 board slnce the death of her mother, a bit of cloth with tliis paragraph prlnted upan it, and sewlog it on Nellie's sloak the little walf vas pat adrift on the Uicat tiile of traffie flowing from the west to the cast: "Thls child is little Nejlie Beaudette, from Spokane 'Falla, Washington Territory, golng to St. Clair City, Kt. riair couiity, Michigan. By the recent ckath of her mother she has been left alone in a strange country and is on her way to her grandpareute, Mrs. and Mrs. Wolven at st. Clair, Michigan, The chili ts commended to the kind care of conductora and well dlsposed people generally who are requested to see tliat she makes the iropei rallroad conneotlona and that she eceives such other attent ion as a perion n her eireumstances would reqaire. She is provided with athrough ticket and with sufficient money fot her necessary expensr-s."' Ñelllfl said that she had been kindly :reated on her long journey. Morris Sentenced. Tlie terrible crimo of Michael Morris, the young man who killed his imcle with a club near Sand Beach, in April, and whose crime was discovered a few days ago, has met with an early punlshrjaent In circuit court in Bad Axe he has been genteneed to hard labor in the state prison at Jaokson for life. He listened to the preliminar; remarles of the court without anich sign of contrition, but when heliad been returned lo the jail ho sat with bowecl head and wept copiously. When seen by a repórter lie was completely broken down, and abóut all he eould or would say was that he would not live long. He will be closely watohed, as it is feared he will make an attempt at self-destruction. Ilis vrife is utterly crushed, and her fatlier, who was undoubtedly the victim of hls son-in-law's wiles, is also da.ed and broken-hearted. Ilis wite will not be Èrléd until the September term of court. STATE JÍEWSCOXDENSED. Following Is a correcteJ list of the ofticers elected by the sous of veterans at iheir recent encampment: Colonel, Marvin ÍS. Hall, Hillsdale; lieutenant colonel, li. Si. Fellows. Bronson; major, O. L. Parttidge, Alpena; división council, C'apt. tluyck, Midland, chainnan; other memLieut. Col. Hale, Hartford and Capt. Krank Stengel, Owosso; chaplain. W, T. Beate, Whitehall; adjutant, M. J. Dtivis, Blllsdale; quartermaster, M. II. Qunsebliouser, Hillsdale; inspector, Lieut. C. K. Davis, Grand Rapids; mustering offleer, K. A. Ilogers, Keading; Judge Advocate, Lieut. L. K. Gould, Owosso. Tlie children of Madame Doyle's school for girls in Detroit, have devised a oniqud gilt for Pope Leo XI II. on the occasion of his golden jubileo. It is a rosary, every bend of which is an American gold dollar, while the larger beads are quarter-eagles. The cross is composed of a number of the di!!ar pieces, SlüO in coin having entered Into the construction of the entlre work. The rosary is arranged on a mat of llluminated parchment, and the whole is enclosed in a plush-coveredcase, two feet square ïiutde up in the paple color, yellow. When bedding down Prof. Morris' Equine and ('anine Paradox at Cady's old livery barn, on Ottawa street in Grand Bapids the other night, a lanlern exploded and the frame building was instantly in llames. Nine ponies and several riogs were lost in the flre, and four horsee, owned by Kartlander & Graily. Dr. Parker. Prof. Herrick, and Ed. Teller of that city, were burned, togethet with a large quantity of hay, harness, carriages and other property. The loss will aggregate S10.000. Lightning struck the drum house at the Qulncy mine, Hancock, the other night which was qulckly burned, together with an adjoining building and much valuable machinery. Loss, $80,000; insurance, $80,000, in New York compañías. P. D. North & Son 's general store, opposite, was badly damaged. Loss, 916,000; fully insurecl. It will takc sixty days to rebulld the mine buildings, and in the meantime 500 men will be thrown out of work. For the purpose of accommodating those pari es in the northern portion of the state who deelre to pass anexamination in order to become registered pharmacists tlie Michigan board of pharmacy has dlvlded its July meeting, and will examine candidates at the high school building in Detroit .luly B and (, and at Petoskey July 15 and 16. The Michigan pharmaceutlcal associalion holds it annual meeting la Petoskey July 13, 13 and 14. On May 29, John Mllford of Greenland, Ontonagon cpunty, dicd alter a weeks' illness. The day follewing, while tlie liearse stood at the door ready to carry the body to the cemetery, llrs. Milford dropped dead [om excesslve grief. By th.ise deaths nine cuildren are orphaned, the oldest 1U years old and the youngest but four moutha. The case of Mrs. Mary Frink. the milliner who is charged witli forgery, carne up in the circuit courtat Marshall the othor ciav. but as shc vas too ill to undergo trial the case has been eontinued. liail of $500 lias been secured .and she was released. According to the opjnlons of physlcluns the is of uniounfl mind. For the Central Michigan agricultura) fair at Lansing Sept. 20-:0 a list of entries for breeders' stafces has airead; been puplislied, and some of the best stock in Michigan will be represented. There are nine entries in the Iwo-years-old class that are probably nine as tine colts as eau be oongregated In Michigan. The board of Inspectora OÍ the state prlson at Jackson has awar.led the contract to Mr. Elliott to sink an arteslan well inside the prlson walls. It will be located n ar the engine house and work will begin m a few days. It will lie 80 (eet deep and ten Inchea In diameter. The contract prloe is ?JT50. A passenger train west bound on the Snginaw Yalley Sr. Louis railroad. wlicn three miles cast of Merrill, left the track the o! her night. The englne and baggage car tumi (1 óver Into the ditch and were eomplefely wrecked. No persons wefe injured beypiid slight bruises. The loss is estimated iit 810,000. Tiie B ranch COUnty supervisors have aecepted plans for a couTt house, those submitted iiy M. il. Parker of Coldwater boIng the ïncky ones. The WO. 000 b nU3 giveri by the eoúnty fur the constructién of the building have been taken by the Coldwater natlonal bank. The Moming Star tlouring milis, owned by Tanner, Snerman & Stark of Otter Lake, was entkely destroyed by fire the other morning, only i few barrels of flour being sawd. The loss Ia placed at $15,000, with an insurance of S8.500. The firm will rebuild atonoe. The Traverse City Itisane asylum is now ovcrcrcWdcd OD thé male side. The male wards now contain 2."S patients and the f emále wards 383. Whenever a male patiënt is recelved now some other ma.'e patiënt must be .sent home to make room for the ncw arrival. In order to secure tents from the state it has been found necessary to change the date of the south western G. A. Ii. encampment one week later than originally contemplatcil. It is officially announeed that the dates will be Aug. 30 to Sept. 3, inclusive. Judge FoJlett, the absconding Grand Eapids man, is believed to be ín Mexico. At any rate he waS seen in Chicago, and soon af ter In Texas, which goes to show that he was still on the downwanl road, and has crossed the border ere now. it is likcly. Wlnle three men were ascending on a skip at tho Huron mine in Hancock, a fourth attfinpted to jump in when half way up, whiih eaused the skip to turn backwanls, and all four feil to the bottom of the shaft and were instantly killed. Edward Greggs, a miiicr employed at the Chapín mine in Ishpeming, set out alone the other night to work, his partner being siek. The next morning he was found dead at the bottom of the mino. It is supposed he was instantly killed. Ed Woodbury's ehüdren, in Bennington township; played willi matches and the barn was bflrned. The father beeame enraged at his loss, and, one of ihe children. threw'it into the fire. The ehild was rescued, hut badly burned. James W. Pugstey of Uattle ('reek has been convlcted of perjury and sentenced to 10 years in Jackson prison. The crime was commltted 11 years ago, out by all sorts of evasions and triekery Pugsley has evaded trial anti) now. The Calumet it Heela employés' aid society paid out overS'J.OOO in benefits dürïng the year onding May 1. The losses by deatha increase its expenses for the year to more than 813,000. A detective is at work in Clare county, and there is a bare pösslbtllty that the persons who robbed County Treasurer Shalïer of S5.000 three years ago may be brought to justiee. Ex-Cadet James Schermerhom of the Hudson Gazette, has recelved an invita! ion to deüver au address at a supperto be given by his elass i Xew York. .luue 16. Samuel Axford, one of the most promising young men in Ilolly, was found dead in bed the other morning. The cause of his death is supposed to be heart disease. Traverse City peoile are getting a llttle nervous over the arrival in town of a supposed helr to the ground on which the city -liiiuls. His name is Boardman. Samuel Edison of Fort Gratiot, father of the electrieian, will make the tour of the American continent this summer instead of going to Europe. A six-year old ehild of Byron V. Baker of Quincy, while feeding chickens some corn, ate one ear itself, and the next day died in terrible agony. The dry kiln and a considerable quantityof hardwood lumber belonginglo Herkey & Gray of (rand Kapids was destroyed by fire the other night. Stephen T. Mattocks of Hartford, Van Buren county, has been sent to Jackson for six years for a murderous assault upon his wifc. Willie Kellogg was drowned at Horsey's lake, near Lawton, and Frank Morris lost hislife In l'ine lake, l'lainwell, botli on Sunday. Totten lake, a small body of water In Lake county, has no visible outtet, and it has risen over seven feet within a year or two. G. W. Howc, recently arrested at Cold" water, charged with assault with criminal int ent on a little girl, has been acquitted. The celebrated Dr. Wier case at Au Sable ended in adisagreeinent of the jury, standing seven to live in favor of acquittal. Tho great packing house of IMankington & Armour Of Milwaukce have contracted for 2,000 tons of Ludingtoii salt. Burt Church, the sou of a respectabie farmer of Corunna, has been arrested on a charge of stealing 200 pounds of wool. As the result of a recent runaway at Traverse City, II. E. Sparing was so badly used up that his recovery is doubtful. The dippers, dumpers and fishers of the Calumet & Hecla mining company have struck for an advance in wages. Of the natlonal appropriation of S400,000 for the state and territorial milltia Michigan soldiers get $11,981, A young man named Alhey was struck by a falling liiiib in Piince'scamp, Isabella county and Instantly killed. The Standard Ufe insuranee company of Marshall has yielded up the ghost, its ofiicers are oflicers noTnoie. Supt. Thomas of East Saginaw, has deelined the superlntendency of the state public school at Coldwater. Peter Smith was killed while attempting to geton a moving train at Reed City. He was cut in three pieces. Mis. Mary Bowne of Bedford, Calhoun county, has a clock which has not stopped lor lüO years. The indieations are that the peach erop in Michigan will be soinething marvelous this year. A syndicale has been foiined for the establishment of a cattle ranch in Gray ■ iing.


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