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The Lafayette brewing eompanles stables, on Cass avenue, St Louis, burned tiie other mornlng, with 815,000 loss, seven draft horses having been burned. About 10 o'clook, whilc tlie Bramen were working on that Cre, the Mound City struet car stables took tire. Nocars were deuroyed, but 305 mules and the long bain In whlch they were kept were burned. The loss fuoisup 850,000. Joseph Payne, a prominent young farmer living twelve miles south of St. Joseph, SI o., left home the other night to attend ft church concert at Wallace. The next niorning hls dead body was found by the roadsida with a bullet thiough the lungs. No clue to the perpetrators. although it was nndoubtedly done by an enemy as hls pockets were undisturbcd. Aaron L. Still, colored, bom in Phllailelphia in 1820, one of the most earnest promoters of underground railroads in ilavery daya. an intímate fricnd of Fred Pouglass and an early organlzer of equal rifjlils leiigiiesiand othor organizatlons for the protection of colored men, died in Reading, Pa., on the lOth inst. At Westminster, lid., the trial of Jessie l). Brown, eolored, for the murder of her nfant child, was termlnated the other rtay by her death. The woman went into [lecline after her lncarcaration and was far gone with oonsumption when the trial was begun. She was found dcad in her cell. Gen. Miles has arrived at Tuscon, A. T., to take charge of the campaign agalnst the host i le Apaches. The indications are that there will be a prolonged Judian war. It is said that there will soou be over. 400 warriors in the field, all well armed. Pago .loe, a half-breed, who shot and killed Walter llaynes, a white boy, at Shelby depot. Mississlppl, on May 18, was taken from the officers who were convcying hlm from Duncan station to the jail by a crowd of 50 men and hangcd to a tree. The opinión is expressed at the treasury department that the trade dollar spcculators did not make more than ten cents on the dollar and say that some of them probably did not make anything, after allowing interest on their investment. A locomotive on the Olilo & Westefn Virginia railroad struck a wagon r.ear Gallipolis the other moniing, containing Mr. J. Adams and wife and two childrcn, instantly killing the parents and one chlld. The other child was unhurt No Information has been receivcd at the war department In regard to the recent outbreak in Arizona, beyond the fact that thirty Apaches have left their reservation and that Capt. Lawton is in pursuit of Ihem with four troops of cavalry. Serious trouble is feared in the ron región over the adiustment of wages for the ensuing year. The men demand an advance all along equal to about 11 per cent. The manufactures will insist upon last year's scale. rindlay, O., oelebrated the first anniversary of the discovery of natural gas n that sectlon, by a big blow out on the lOth inst. The daily output of the wells there is now 60,000,000 cubic feet. The New York board of trade and transportatlon claims that the railroads favor large snippers uuder the guise of classification and threaten to coinplaiu to the commerce commissiDn, The Hon. Johr II. Ewing dled at hls residence in Washington, Va., recently aged 90 years. Maj. Kwing was an uncle of the Hon. Jas. Q, Blaluc, and the oldest citizen of that town. The committee in charge of the petition to Kome for the restoration of Ur. McGlynn to his parish announce that the movement has been abandoned at Dr. McGlynn's request Judge Lawrenee of the supreme court of New York has rendered a decisión to the effect that saloon-keepers cannot sell liquors to their guests with meals on Suuday. The United States circuit court at Raleigh, N. C. decides that North Carolina must pay interest on 810,000,000 of state bonds repudiated in 1S6U. ■!Hall & Co., of Nashville, the only shoe manufacturing company in the south, have failed, with liabilities of 3200,000 and assets of 825,000. For the fourth quarter of 1886, the postal expenditures were SI 3, 029, 330 and the receipts for the same time were $12,444,641. Ten men were killed and a number of others scriously injured bv a gasolina explosión in Chattanooga, Tenn. Miss llattie Arnold of Lyman, Ohio, attempted to kindie a lire with kerosene oil and was burned to death. Ed. Likely, Lincoln, Neb., ball player, was struck by a ball and so badly injured that he died soon after. William E. Chandler has been nominated for United States by the republicans of New Hamphire. Hon. James 6. Blaine, wife and two daughters sailed for Europe on the 8th inst The Apaches are on the war-path again. United States troops are in pursuit of them. The prohibitory amendment was defeated in the Massachusetts legislature. The president will tako another trip to the Adirondacks in August. Serious dlsturbances are reported from the Choctaw nation. Editor William O'Brien sailed for home June 8th.


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