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Prospects Of A Large Crop

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The June returns of the department of agriculture indícate a reduction of nearly two per cent in the area of winter wheat. Changes in acreage of states are very slight except in Kansas, where a reduction of '2'J per cent is rcportcd, caused by bad harvests and low prices, The spring wheat área has been enlarged 6 per cent from increase of immigration and farmmaking west of the Mississippi rlver in the district traversed by the Northern Pacific railroad. Most of the increase is in Dakota, which reports an increment of 4 per cent The total area of wheat is about 37,000,000 acres, a fraction of one per cent more than that of the previous erop. In condition of winter wheat there is no marked ehange, the average being 4.9, a reduction of 9-10 of 1 per cent. The harvest is already in progress up to the 38th degree of north latitude. The general average for spring wheat is 87.3, which is lower than in recent years. but 13 points higher than in 1881. At harvesting last year the condition averaged 80. The area of winter rye has been dlminished over 6 per cent:, mainly by a large reduction in Kansas. Condition is bette: than that of wheat as usual, aveiaging 88.9. An apparent enlargement of the barley acreage of 3 per cent. is indicated. Condition averages 87, being slightly above that of wheat. There is a continuance of the extensión of oat culture. T,he increase is 4 per cent. This erop has taken a par of the area formerly in wheat in Kansas, an advanoe of 30 per cent over the acreage of last year. The Increase is large in tlu northwest, and there is a tendenoy to enlargement in all sections of the country.


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