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Michigan's Wool Clip

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The followine statement, showing the number of sneep and pounds of wool sheared in the state in 1880, and the number of sheep uow on hand, is made up from farm statistics as returned this spring by the supervisors of 1,046 townshipa, and carefully prepared estimates for the lemaining townships in the state. Of the town&hips from which supervisors' report have been reoeived only seventeen are in the southern four tiers of counties and twenty in the central coauties. The number of snoep sheared in the state in 1886, was 2,133,909, and and the number of pounds of wool 12,380,804, an average per hsad of 5.81 pounds. The number of sheep on hand this spring is 2,004,749 ; at same average per head as in 1886, the wool clip of the present year will amount to 11,647,070 pounds. The number of sheep sheared in the southern counties in 1886 was 105,732, and pounds of wool 11,395,501, an average per head of 5.82 pounds; the number of sbeep sheared in the central counties 158,148, pounds of wool 886,850, an average per head of 5.61 pounds ; number of sheep sheared in the northern counties 17,719, pounds of wool 104,447, average per head 5.86 pounds. Each report since 1884, compared with the preceding report, shows a decrease in the number of sheep in the state. The loss from 1884 to 185 was 88,812 ; from 1885 to 1886 it was 232,086, and the number now on hand is 128,250 less than in 1886.


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