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Real Estate Transfers

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Chas. Kooh to Henry Koch, Soio, $750. Selina Fay to Geo. Hiñes, Webster, $750. Mary E. Kearney to Sarah Byrne, city, $2,250. Elizabeth Humphrey to C. Downer,, $850. Wm. Aprill to Susan E. Campbell, oity, $4,400. Austin F. Smith to Seth P. Sumner, city. 1,300. Mack & Schmid to Kaver Baur, Freedom, $1,400. S. P. Snmner to Austin F. Smith, Pittefield, $4,500. Isaac Magoon to Jas. Cebulskie, Manchester, 8625. Ernst G. Haarer to Jno. C. Buss, Manchester, $1,000. Ernst G. Haarer to Jno. Chas. Buss, Sharon, $9,500. Jno. Van Horten to Susan Van Horten, York, $500. Jno. S. Miller to Ellen M. Miller, Superior, $5,000. Ethan A. Austin to Chas. Goodwin, Dexter town, $381. Stephen A. DeNike to Chas. Fuller, Ypsilanti town, $5,500. Laura H. Tewksburg to Lottie Louise Hitchcock, Milán, $100. Wm. i. Wanty to Anton tfabel, land in seo. 23 Augusta, $1,000. Walter Hewett, et. al., to W. W Wor den, Ypsilanti city, $516.50. Margaret M. Smith to Qeo. W. Voorheia, Ypsilanti city, #400. Geo. W. Voorheis to Margaret M. Smith, Ypsilanti city, 1,800. Frederick Schmid to Michael Wiedmann, 10 acres, sec. 25 Scio, $3,000. Geo. Aprill, guardián for Koch minors, to Chas. Koch, Ann Arbor town, S1.800. Daniel Koch, by administrator to Lydia Koch, land in sec. 10 Scio, $3,250.