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Real Estate Transfers

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Louiaa R. Wright to A. Felch, city, $500. Rhoda Oraut to E. N. Colby, Ypsilanti oity, $050. Almon C. Green to Betsey Green, Dexter, $1,000. Janes Barnes to M. O. B. R. Co., Superior, $5,000. A. B. Shay to Shay, Sraitb and Munzey, Augusta, $600. Emma Parker et al, to Mary Meyers, Ypsilanti city, $450. S. M. Cutchfon to Willis E. Scott Ypsilanti city, $600. Levi L. Barbour et al to Chas. H. Richmond, city, $2,500. Christian A. Hank to Liambert Gieskie, Manchester, $700. Jennie Tibbals to Olevelaud & Goodspeed, Ypsilanti, $2,310. Elizabeth A. Lee to Caroline L. Bowling, Ypsilunti city, $4,000. Sarah Ë. Putnam to Chas. W. MoCorkle, Ypsilanti oity, $5,000. Jennie C. McDowell to Stephen II. Dodge, Ypsilanti city, $1,700. Sullivan M. Cutcheon to McPherson & Scott, Ypsilaati city, $5,000. Chas. W. MoCorkle to Dan and S E. Putnam, Ypsilanti oity, $5,000. Fogg says paper car wheels are nothing, and asserts that he has eeen paper jou mala on the oars, too.