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The Iowa republican state convontion mot in Des Moiues, Aug. 34. Gov. Vfm. Lirrabee was nominated by accliniiatiuu, and responded in a brief speech. Lieut.Uov. Huil was noimnated in the same manner. No nominating speeches were made, and on these candidates there was no opposition. On the flfth ballot for supreme judge, Senator George S. Hobinson was nominated. For superintendent of public instruction Hen' ry Sabin of Clinton was nominated on the third ballot. The platform starts out with a denial that sutfrane is a local question for each state to regúlate, and covdemng the suppression of tne olored vote in the south; favors a protective tariff; opposes criminal or vicious immigratiun; tavors reclaiiniugof uuearnnd land urants to be held íor actual settlers; charges the democruts with disobeying the civil service law; criticiwes Cleveland's administration, the pension vetoes, the rebel üag incident, the falliire to reduce the surplus and lecrease taxation; approves the interstate commerct law and favors staie legislation to supplement it: favors liberal pensions íor tlie su.diers : declares agitm - 1 any com proinise withtaloon interest and in f-.vmof a fail ln'u. and vigorous entori ement in ail p irts of the state of the prohibitory law; expivseasympathy withlreland and also with the people of "Dakota and other territories in tlns country dupnved of home rule, and concludes with a commend'ition of Gov. Larrabee's defence of the jieople from the extortion of railroad monopolies, and for his protest in behalf of Jowa against the president's rebel flag order. The striking features of tl.i' conrention were the enthusiasni and untiniinity in favor of Henaior Aliison. lie was cheered every time bis name was mentioned with a heartiuess of complete acourd that left no doubt of the enthusiastic desire of hi state to pros n t his name for tha presidency at the proper time.


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