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The New Vork state prohibition convention met in Byracuge August 26. The committee on permanent organization ruported for cbairniun H. Clay Bascoin of : Troy. Mr. Baseom took the chair and made a speech, arraigning the republican party for tbe alliliation with dram shops. Rev. Mrs. Mary T. Lathrop of Michigan, made a lonj speech and was followed by Mrs. Carrie T. Hollinan of Missouri. About 2,000 delégate are in attendance. A platform was adopted docluring against liceuse and in favor of woman suffrafe. It declares that loth the republican and democrat parnés re contrulled by Ihe "rum power" and cites the Vedder and Ivés bilis as proof of the assertion. The report of the committee on nations was sdopted and the nominees ■j.iTn declared to be thoso of the convention, namely: For secretary of state, Dr. (_'. W. Huntington of Olean: for romptroller, O. tí. Hitehcock or Cortlanii: for state treasurer, W. A. ömüu of Poughkeepsie; for attorney-genenil, Hilas W. Mason of Wetl.i.'lil. L'hautauqua county ; for .tate engineer and surveyor, John J. Uray of Ulster county. The candidatea all made speeches and were loudly appluuded. It was voted toallow the oman'a Christian Tempérame Union lo have delégate to all convention of the party. The convention adjourned sine die am.d checre and witli the l'oxology. The claim is made that they will poll ■;5,0uo votes in the state. Chairman ilaseom says they will hurt the republican party this year wore than ever on account of that party's breaking their proniises. The uelegates were largely church people and ttiere was an unusal □ umber of ministers as deiegates. The nominees were given a reception at the Empire house in the evening. There was a large gathering and mnny hopeful speeches were made.


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