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The Maryland republican state conveution was held in Baltimore Aug. 24, and was one of the most enthusiastic gatheriiijjs held in that state in mauy years. The nominationa are as follows: For governor, Walter B. Brooks of Baltimore; for comptroller, R. B. Dlxon of Talbot county, and for attorney-general, Francis Miller of Montgoniery county. The platform renews the allegiance o' Maryland republicanï to the principies o thcir pary as expressed by the nacional conveutions; avers that the civil service reform should be tborouh, radical and complete, and that civil service should be applied to tbe state government; that the colored people of Maryland in tneir own separate schools ure entitled to the sana provisions for the educación of their chil dren as are enjoyed by the children of the ■whites. The passage of laws is demanded for the protectiou of thé labor, society and inxtitutiqns of .America from the pauper and criminal classes ot' other coun trieb. The remainder of the platform re lates to state aff airs.


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