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Tlie following are the open seasons wben it ia lawful to take the kinds of game mentioned: Deer- Lower Península, Not. 1 to Dec. 1. Upper Península, Oct. 1 to Nov. 15. Hounding and jack-shooting, and killin a while in any waters and killing by pits or traps, prohibited. Ruffled Grouse- (Partridge)- Sept. 1 to Jan. ]. Pinnated Grouse- (Prairie Chicken)- Sept. 1 to Nov. 1. Quail - Nov. 1 to Jan. 1. Woodoock- Sept. 1 to Jan. 1. Wild Turkey- Oct. 1 to Jan. 1. Ducks- Wild Ducks, Wild Geese or other wild fowl, or Snipe, Sept. 1 to Jan. 1. The exportation of Deer, Grouse, Quail and Wild Turkey killed coatrary tolawin forbidden and is punishable. Game is not to be kept for sale after eight days succeeding the time limited for killing. Common carriers are subject to fine for transporting game unlawfully killed. Proof of possession of game or fish out of season is prima facie evidence of the violation of the laws protecting the same. FISH. The following are the open seasons whea it is lawful to take the kinds of fish mentioned: Bass- (Black, Slrawberry, Green or White Bass)- Bet ween March 1 and June 15 can be caught only by hook and line. Speckled Trout- May 1 to Sept. 1. Laod-Locked Salmón- Muy 1 to Sept. 1. Grayling- June 1 to Nov. 1. California Trout - June 1 to Nov. 1. Speckled or Brook Trout or Grayling can be caugkt oul y by hook and line, and it is unlawful to oatch in any manner, or at any time, or have in possession Brook Trout, Grayling California Trout or Land-locked Salmón of a size less tlian bíx inohes ín length. Brpok Trout or Grayling are not to be caught for the purpose of sale or shipment. Proof of possession of any fish at any time when the catching ís prohibited i made prima facie evidonce of a violation of the law. The fine varíes f rom ten dollars to one hundred dollars. It is unlawful to take or kill any fish at any time by the use of any explosivo substance, or any substanoe or device whicli has a tendency to stupefy the fish. The spearing of any fish is prohibited during the months of March, April, May and June, m any waters of the State, ezcept Lakes Michigan, Superior, Hurón, Saint Clair and Ene and Saginaw Bay. The use of seines, pound neta, gilí nets or any species of nets is prohibited, except in Lakes Michigan, Superior, Hurón and Erie, and the bays and harbors connected witn those lakes, and in Sagina w Bay and the Sault 8 te. Mane, Saint Clair, Saginaw and Detroit liivers. It is unlawful to flsh with nets, or any otlier device for oatcbing fish, within a radius of three hundred feet of any fish si ni te or ladder, or dam to which it is attached; and also made unlawful to place weir-dams or weir-nets across any streum, in such a manner as to obstruct the free passage of the fish, or so as to extend a distance from the channel bank of more than one-third the breadth of the main ohannel. The meshca of the parts of pounds or trap nets, commonly called the lead, the tunnel and the huurt-, símil not be less than five iuches in extensión, and the part called the pocket shall not be lees than three and one-half inohes in extensión. Pockets witn meshee of not less than two and om half inchrs in extensión may be used for taking perch,. herring and pickeral. The meshes of gill nets shall not be less than four and three-fourths inches in extensión. The meshes of seines shall not be less than three and one-half inches in extensión.


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