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A Soured Editor

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If the New York Sun's theory is Irue tbat the administration is responsiblc for the democratie loss in Kentucky, then it logically follows t√ľat the sweeping democratie viotory in Rhode Island last fal) should be charged up to it. There was also an immense decline in the republioan strength iu Minnesota at the last election, the democratio candidato for governor being defeated by only about 3,000 majoritv . Of course the administration is reBponsible for that result. But somehow the 8un bas never given Mr. Cleveland credit for it. It is very quiok, however, to parade n democratio loss as the fruit of his administration. The fact is, the editor of the Bun, Mr. Charlen A Dana, is bou red at his failure to defeat Mr. Cleveland in 1884, and be is detertnined to leaye no stone unturned to oarry out his traitorous purpose next year. He is against Mr. Cleveland, right or wrong. He lias strurk hands with that other less brilliant but equally oonceited and unscrpulous New York journalist, Mr. Joseph Pulitzer, ofthe World, m ihe dubiousjob of making Mr. Blaine the successor of the present occupant of the White House. That they will be unsucceseful in this perfidious undertaking is just as certain as that the earth rovolves on its axis. The politioal Benedict Arnolds are not going to decide the


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