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A Business Man's President

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PreBÍdent Cleveland by his independent and manly oourse with regard to the great Corporation of the country has wou the conüdenco of the great bulk of business men and tho laboring classes. As a prominent business man and a former Kepublicun said to a Oazette representative, "President Cleveland is a business man's President. He conducts the alïaire of his office as any sensible business man would and the business interests of the entire country have perfect confidenee in him, and tintend of spending money to defeat him at the next election, as they did very largely at the last, they will give him their support, or at the most, they will contribtite but very little money to secure his defeat. We business men are perfectly satisfied with Mr. Clevelands's administration." There is no doubt this is the traderlying sentiment of a very large portion of the active business men of the country, and ;it will have an immense influence on the next canvass. -


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