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Capt. Gustiti is in Adrián. Wm. Clements is back from Afrioa. Weloh Post, ö. A. R., are at Adnan. David Henning íb back from Europe. Council meeting Monday eveniug next. Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Earp are in Pittsburg, Pa. David Ilenning was in Aun Arbor, over Sunday. Busidoss men should belp make the fair a success. Dr. Breakey returued from his sbort vaeatioD, Tuesday. Will Jolly and family are camping at Strawberry Point. Many Ann Arborites are at the encampment in Adrián. Dr. W. W. Niohols expects to have 2,000 bushels of peaches. Rev. Wm. Galpin occupiod the pulpit of St. Andrew's, Sunday. Mr. and Aire. A. J. Sutherland, of Battle Creek, are in the city. Mrs. Lester Sweetland, ot Lodi, ie the guest of Mrs. Mattie Walz. D. Cramer spent Sunday and Monday on his farm, near Hastings. Attention is called to the advertiscment of W. F. Schlanderer. Prof. Chute and family, have returned from their summer vacation. Phoebe J. Nowland, of Webster, died Monday in the 07th year of her ag. J. E. Robison, of the Free Press staff, is speuding his vacation in thia city. Miss Lola Millspaugh, of Chelsea, visited friends in the city, last week. The Ann Arbor Browns claim the championship of Washtenaw county. MrB. C. W. Mend and'son, of Duudee, have been visiting friends iu this city. Mrs. Sperry and daughter, Mísb Mattie, are visiting relativos in Kalamazoo. The question of raising f5,000 to boom the town was carrüd by a large majoritv 370 to 78. Stimson & Son have been building au addition to their Ann street grocery, 15x48 feet. Miss Katie Cramer returned Monday from a few week's visit with fnends, in Hamburg. W. W. Bliss has repaired and decorated his billiard rooms. The place is now a little beauty. Gil Snow expects to have the rear part of his livery steble completed wituin the next ten davs. Dr. A. O. Kellogg and wife, and Mrs. Ed Walker spent a few daya this week, at Zukey lake. Misa Jane Manan returned from Charlevoix last week, and left Monday for a visit in the east. Wm. Van Ness and wife, of Geneva, N. Y.. were the guests of Jas. Imus, the last of the week. Jas. Thompson, of nowherein particular, is serving a 10 day's jaü sentence for being disorderly. Walker Bros. have just ünished a handsome canopy top wagon for G. II. Mugg, of Duudee. A prominent Ann Arbor capitalist is talking of starting a shirt factory in this city. Good enough . These cool nights interfere with the boys' beds in the court yard. They now seek a warmer place. Wm. Neithammer is doing the carpenter work on Snow's livery barn, and T. Keating the brick work. A. J. Sawyer and family returned from Cavanaugh Lake, Monday. Andrew bas Bome big flsh stories to teil. Mr.Koch, in the employ of Ncuhoff, the machinist, and Miss Harah Stabler, of Scio, were married yesterday. Ernest Dieterle has been in Detroit for several days, putting up a furoace orderea of O. Eberbaob, of this city. The Ann Arbor Browns will play the Adriana base ball on the fair jjroundn, Sept. 6, and the Manchester boys Sept. 9. Mary, daughter of D. J. Koss, of the Fourth ward, died August y.Hh, aged IC yeare, 8 months and 11 days, of malarial fever. Hugh Ooyle, of Northüeld, died Saturday, at the advanced age of 81 years. He had been a resident of Northfield for 5i yeara. C. H. Clancy, of Dallas, Texas, who ha been visiting his father, Jas. Clancy of Maynard street, retumed home lasi Friday. Jennett, wido w of the late Amos West of the D'ifth ward, died last Friday, in the 65th year of her age, of cáncer of the Btomach. Will Payne is home for a few days. C. C. Warner has gone to Saginaw. Frank Minnis has returned to Jnckson Paul Sipley has gone to Lansing to work. Osman Bailey was robbed of $1.50 in cash, Sunday. Mrs. Dr. Bessac, ot ïklilan, visited our oity this week. Miss Kittie Barry has returned to her home in Detroit. Miss Frankie Sweeney is visiting friends in Detroit. The will of thu late Arnold HanloD was proba ted Tuesday. The spire of the M. E. churcb has a beautiful new coat of paint. Ilugh Jenkins, jr., of .Tackson, is the guest of his father, H. Jeukins. Regente Shearer and Grosvernor, were in the oity Monday and Tuesday. Gil Snow's new barn will affect the visión of Sohelede's bindery haads. Services will be resumed in the Unitarian church next Sunday morning. Geo. Keubier, wife and child leave next week for a trip around the lakes. Mrs. Dr. Mead and son, Willie, of Dundee, visited fnends in the city this week. A stone sidewalk is to be put down in tront of Millmau & Collins, place, on Ann street. Daye Williamson, of Albion was visiting his many colored friends in this oity, Fuesday. Tute Freeman. the veteran tousorial artist, is working for his cousin, Jerome Freeman . Tuomey Bros. have left the city. It is said that no tears were shed by uitizea merchante . Carrier O'Hern returned Tuesday, 'rom his two weeks, stay at WUitmore and Dead LakeB. Jas. Lenen will hereafter receive a lension, and that of Jerome A. Freeman ïus been increased. Dr. Watling and family, of Vpsilanti, who have been in Kurope this summer, iave sailed for homo. The railiug over the railroad bridge ïas been completed, and it ib a much needed improvement, too. S. O. Randall attended a reunión of he22ndMich. Inft. veterans, his old egiment, at Northville, last week. Cari, son of Chas, and Kmnia Ilutchinon, died Tuesday, aged 11 mouths and 1 days. Diaease, bowel complaint. B. J. Corbin, law partner of D. Cramer, of Dundee, who has been seriously 11 for pome time, is able to be out again. Under the head of city items, will be ound the advertisement of Martin & Co., who do business on Washington street, ast. Mrs. Conden and daughter, of Thompon street, returned from Milan Monlay, wherethey had been inaking a brief ojourn. The fall meeting of the Detroit driying lub, Öept. 20-23. Purses of $35,000 are o be trotted for. Entries close next Monday. The Rev. Mills Gelston officiates at be Presbyterian church nest Sabbath, dministering the "Lord's Supper" in ;he morning. The Ann Arbor Deinor rat has just ntered on it tenth year. It is in a very rosperous condition and is worthy of t. - Free Press. Jno. Beahan has been making considrable repairs to his houses in the Third ward, requiring an outlay of several tundred dollars. Mrs. Breakey and niece, Miss Carne iwen. who have been visiting friends in Michigan for the last four weeks, returnd home Tuesday. Frank Howard and Payson Doty were tockholders in the barrel factory loated near Detroit, and destroyed by flre donday morning. The Toledo and Ann Arbor road is apidly pushing northward, and by the ime snow falls will have 234 miles of oad in operation. J. V. Seyler will sail for Europe, Sept. , on the steamer Pennsylvania. il e will be absent two years, completing his musical education. Thos. Blackburn and Prof. Thomas lave removed their tonsorial parlors ver Joe T. Jacobs' store. They are ov nicely housed. A colored man by the name of Benett, was hit in the neck by a bottle brown by a white woman, and Le carne near bleeding to death. Prof. and Mrs. Wrampelmier, fortnery of tuis city, now of San Diego, Cal., re happy over a little daughter, born to hem a few weeks ago. Theo. DeForest was hooked in the high, Monday, by a cow that he was lelivering to llenry Matthews. Dr. Smith dressed the wound. Seward Cramer left Tuesday for Toedo, where he has a position with the jake Shore and Michigan Southern ailroad, as civil engineer. Miss Belle Fletcher, teacher in one of )etroit's public schools, who has been pending her vacation in this city, reurns to Detroit to-morrow. B. 8. Waite and family, who have een tho guesta of D. Cramer for a mmber of weeks, have returned to their lome in Menomimee, Mich. The gates of the fair grounds are Urown open every day for highfiyera. lie track ia to be dragged and put in line ahape for the fair, Oct. 4-7. Sohuh & Muehlig have the contract or putting in the ateam heating appaat uw and bath tuba in the old Jewett tore, for E. M. Southard, for#l,100. Geo. Stadel, the popular olerk for ''red Brown, is aojourning at Grand iapida. During his absence liis place s iilled, tc-mporarily, by Fred Huhn. Misa Clara Wheeler, who is in Gernany, waa unfortunate enough to lose ïer bíiggage for a few weeks, whicn inconvenieuced her considerably at tlie time. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Taylor, who have been spending the summer with Mr. T.'s párente, will jom the Carleton opera company, of whlch they are members, in Detroit, Alondiy. W. Q. Koberts, of Lawrence, this state, has opened tonsorial parlors in the Judaon blook, on State atreet. 11e is an old artist, and will undoubtedly do the business in that portion of the city. Fred Iluaon and aiater. Dr. Flora IIuson, have purchased a piece of property on Lafayette avenue, Detroit, whicb they intend to fit up as a private hoapital, over which Dr. Huaon will be phyaician in charge. The annual meeting of the VVaahtenaw Oounty Pioneer society will meet at the court house, on Wedneaday, Sept 7th, at 10 o'clock a. m., for the electiou of officers and the transaction of other business. Walker BroR. are driven almost to death with orders from all over -Michigan. They now employ 19 workmen, and are running their manufactory for all its worth. This firm has also under way 200 cuttera. The Ann Arbor Democrat haa just entered upon the lOth year of its existence. It has lived and prospered, been aued twice for libel, and haa about it many other evidencea of the fact that it has life in it - Evening Journal. Poniological nireting to-morrow, at 2 p. m., in the busemont of the oourt housee. Peaohes, peare, grapes, transportation, cownty and state faire, and other important topics will be discussed. Shippers of fruit especially invite J. "One A (fiiiunt Many," is the title of a new play, by A. C. Gunter, opening the Union Square theatre, New York, Aug. 29th. The leading character was assumed by John L. Burleigh. The piece is a romantic comedy-drama in turee aote, the scène being laid in Öt. Petersburg. The cast will inolude EfBe Germon, Katie Gilbert, Isabella Jackson, George Devere, Albert Klein, Albert Roberts and Daniel Leeson. W. Mayes Bpent Sunday in Centerville Postniaster Duify is in New York city Dr. and Mra. Kellogg spent Sunday in Dotroit. H. Liesemer, of Saline, has a liorse 28 years old. Mrs. Katherine Kean ia viaiting friends in Marshall. Mrs. Charles Kintner left for Washington yesterday. Frederick Mayer waa admitted to oitizenship, Tueaday. Fred Schlede will remove his book bindery to State street. Prof. Knowltou and wife huve returned faom Cavanaugh Lake. The members of the Manchester cornet band have new uniforma. Work on the council building, in Manchester, is going forward. Mrs. J. Gould and daughter, Lillie, are visiting friends near South Lyon. Geo. A Douglas has gone to Iowa. He expects to be absent for several months. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Spiifford, of Manchester, visited Wm. G l)oty, the firat of the week. W. G. Burchiield bas reuted the store formerly occupied by W. G. Eldert, the tobacconiat. Miss Almeda Armstrong bas gone to Minneapolis to teach the youug idea how to ahoot. In the cirouit oourt, Wednesday, Jas. A. Garnty was granted a divorce from Mattie Garnty. The ball game, Tuesday, betweon Ann Arbor and Adrián, will be called at halfpast two o'clock. The Ann Arbor Democrat is just ten yeara old, and is getting along first rate. - Evening News. Fanny Wheeler waa granted a decree of divorce, Wednesday, from William Wheeler. The partios reside in Lodi. Miss Mollie Green and Bister, of De;roit, who are visiting Miss Dollie Daltoon, will be her guests for the next two weeks. Dr. and Mrs. Vaughan left for Washngton, D. C. Thursday, to attend the nedical convention which convenes here next week. The case against Keegan, charged with ncendiarism, was dismissed by Juatice ond last Friday, shere being no evidence to hold the boy. The temperance unión will hold a meeting at Oropaey'a hall, Sunday ufternoon at three o'clock. All temperance eople are earnestly invited to be present. M. P. Howard aays that the fire which destroyed the barrel worka in Detroit, will not cripple him in the least. Frank was one of the stockholders in the con cera. A little son of W. Fred Schlanderer, attended the encampnient, at Adrián, this week. He wore on his breast a medal presen ted to his father by Gen. Custer. Drs. Geo. E. Frothingham, W. J. Herdnian and V. C. Vaughan will attend a sessiou of the International medical congress, which meets at Washington, next Monday. Mattere of importance to the taxpayera of the oity will be voted upon at the annual school meeting, on Monday next. All voters are earnestly requested to be present. The Methodist church, of Elsje, had an excursión Thursday last, to this city, for the purpose of visiting the university. It was a lovely day, and a large number availed themselves of the privilege of bringmg their lunch baskets with them. The Ann Arbor Democrat celebra ted its ninth anniversary last Friday. It is needless to say that the Democrat gets there every week with a budget of locale that gladdens the eyes of its readers, and gives it a reputation secoud to no other as a netos paper.- Courier. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nichols, of Bloomington, 111 , have been visitinj: f rienda in the oity, this week. Mr. and Mrs. Nichols were on that ill-fated train which was wrecked at Chatsworth, 111., but escaped without injury. It is said that Deacon Brown received $2,300 of the f 2,700, out of which he was swindled by Chicago confldence men, some weeks ago. He paid $400 to his lawyers, and l'. Bach, as agent, handed over to Öherilï Walsh $$35, on wbich he received a comm-ssion of $5. Frank Lumbard has returned from his engagement with the fciwiss bell rinfeers, in Illinois, and is negot'ating for an outlit of bells for a trip he will form under his own management. He expacts to spend the balance of the season giving musical entertainments through this vicinity. Albert Va) entine, of Webster, appeared on our streets with his usual smiling oountenance yesterday. Al. is the junior member of the firm of Valentino Bros. who are gaiumg a fine reputation as dealers in thorough-bred Shropshire sheep. Their sales for '87 will be thrice those of '80. - South Lyon Excelsior. An exchange says: Printer's ink can out-talk any salesman, out argue any obstinate buyer. It oan't be talked back to, and when its opponent has expended every argument against the eet, comes amiling every time with the lame old statement, and finally leads lim in tow, and willing to be convinced. l'hat's why you advertise. Robt. E. Oostello, late of Chicago, and son of Mrs. Ambroee Kearuey, ot thia city, has rented Wilsey's new store, adoimng Kobisou's livery, and has purhased a complete outfit for a stoam aundry, whicli he expects to have run)ing sometime this month. He expects o have work not only within the joundary of Ann Arbor, but nlso from owns around the county . The Detroit Evening Journal was our years old yesterday . The day was celebrated by a matched game of base )all between the Detroit and Chicago newsboys, at Recreation Park, the Journal peying all expenses. The game was witneesed by a large number of people and was a sight long to be rememaered. The Journal ia a first-claaa pajer, a clean and newsy sheet, and we aredict for it a long life aud a successful jne If natural gas ia struck in Ann Arbor :he city would boom itaelf. No bon uses would be reqnired to induce manufao turers to lócate here. - Argua. We do aot agree with you brother. In Findlay, O., and Port Huron the citizens offer land, f ree use of gas, etc, to manufaoturers who will lócate there, and we think the same will hold good in Ann Arbor. - Enterprise. Kight you are Bro. BloBser. The Argus tbis time is on the wrong track. Non-pnying snbacribers are thus talked to by a Southern editor: Wagons cannot run without wheels; boats without ateam ; buil frogs jump without legs, or newapapers be carned on everlastingly without money no more than a dog can wag his tail when he has none. Our Bubscribera are all good, but what good does a man's goodness do when it don't do any good. We have no doubt every ore thinks that all have paid exoept hira, and as we are a cleyer fellow, and his is a little matter, it will make no differencp. "You can just bet there will be an in jnnction served on the oommon counoil to prevent the spreading of the S5,000 upon the city tax rolls," said D. Cramer yeaterday. "It is time this expenditure of public funda illegally was stopped." "Who will serve the injunction?" we aaked. " A number of ua, all solid oitizens you bet," and then he left us. Well, "sich is life I" There are those who commence kicking in their eradles, and keep it up until thev get into their coffins. There are those who, were they ushered into thia sublunary sphere with a ailver spoon in their mouth, would aquall for a gold ono. It is time to fine out whether the "old fogy" element will run the town or whether it will not Just as good a lawyer as there is in the atate of Michigan aaya that the tax ia legal.- Courier. Peaches only 81 per bushel. Sopt. 7, Masonio and Oddfellows excursión. Chauncey Millen, of Manchester, was in the oity, Tuesday. The Saginaw Telegram has again changed hands. E. S. Crawford retiring to the Bhades of private life . Art.hur Brown, of this city, and C. II. Cady, of Ypsilanti, have purchased a grocery store on State street. The Toledo extensión north, is being pushed. Over 1,000 men are at work between Farwell and the Muskegon river. The Democrat, the recognized democratie paper in Washtenaw county, this week, enters upon its tenth year. The Democrat is one of the best local papers that comes to this office, and Bro. Bower is to be congratulated on the growth and prosperity of his ptiper. - Register. Rev. Wm. Galpin startod for Ann Arbor on Monday morning last. The Kev. gentleman has accepted the position of curator in Hobart Hall, in that city, and will move his family there about the middle of September. He has secured many warm friends in Livingston couuty, and there is a general feeJing of regret at his departure. Few men are his equal. His sermons have proved him to possess talen te, tact, and energy. He will return soon to deliver his farewell sermón at all of the Episcopal missions in the county . - Howell Democrat1 The Hilan driving park association received their charter last week from the seoretary of state. The association is organized under the state law, and is now in condition to go ahead, and they are going ahead as fast as possible. The association has elected the following directors: Millard Phillips, Winfield A. Mead, Wm. II. Whitmarsh, John Plunket, and Charles Guntlett. The directora liave sclected officers as follows: President, Millard Phillips; secretary, Charlea juntlett; treasurer, Wni. II. Whitmarsh. The association has lcased 22 acres of land of Baxter Van Wormer, on north side of Main street, and are now busily engaged in surveymg the race-courae, after which they will build fences, eto. They expect to have the grounds ready 'or some racing yt;t before snow flies. The assessments are being paid in rapidy, and the funds are accumulating for ;he work now on


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