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t was making; a pastoral cali the otlier dav on a faniily who havo for their prido a noble little lacl of 10 or 12 years of ago, full of activity aiul opinions. After I left, as tlio family reported to me, he said: "Mamma, what a dnndy fme the pastor must liave! From Monday morningtili Saturday night he has nothing to do bilt walk about, and play marble, if he likes. I wish I might be a preacher." The boy'a remark rominded me of an anécdota oí two Irish laborera, who . were working at road-niaking. PausIng, and resting his weight on the liaudlc. Pat said to his f ello w ! laborer: "Mike, I say, if you had your own sowl's choice for a callin' in life, what WQUld ye be afier choosina;?" "Holy Mither!" answered Mike, "I can hardly say, bnt it's mesulf that thinks for a foin, asy, clane job, with litlle to do and steedy pay's the while,


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