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■ Henry fiuy Carllon in New York World. . u üiij; is a i.o.jie and when there is walor cnough to lay the d iM: an 1 yet j found very few toilpn a smíill salar; running a largo -team ya lit for thoir owu pleasure. Jn fact 1 híne teen as-urrd bygood authority tliat earnest nu-n stni'.'gliiig in retail trade to support a wholetale famlly really feel ligliter In their inind wlien tliey do not ( vn a cloiul-bcnv ut Byer Of the sea carrying a crew oT twenty-live mon. A :-a llnu ya lit s bestio o on ifyon deaire to thOTOtighly enjoy t lio tianquility of a calm at sea. There is nutliing more restful than a larga and sbapely Balling yacht ofT Cape C'o i wben tho wh:ds arp far, far away toying wlth the Southern Ilemishere. Vou go to bed joyfully confident tliat unkis9 you are run down by some steamer during the algbt you will awake exactly where you weré tlie day before. Along t' ward the seoond or third day of the oalm you will be afforded opportunilles of tudying some of the beauties of n'autical language and improving your acquaintance wlth that simple, heartfelt Saxon which Ís often acquired by scholarly seafaring parrots. Very often a klndly providence heightcns the amusement natural to a calm by injocting i uto it a thick and affectionate fo . Alter a calm lias lasted tlireo days and a dark bh:e fog comes drifting in from the banks the fo"castle begins to lïesl'en up; and all throiigh the silent watches you may hear tho gleeful maiiner toot hls happy bazoo. No one ever lias bad dreams duilnu a fog at night. With the Mirt to labbard, a bell buoy to stabbiird, a whistling buoy aft. au approaehing stcamer groping somcwheru olf the port bdWi and tour strong and painstaking sailors earning their wagea on the fog hom on deck, the tlioughtful man who is unable lo swim usually likes to sit up and play solitaire with hls emotions. i, Net to a foggy calin a sailing yacht is best enjoyed off a lee shore in a gale. With a jolly nor'easter rolling seas over the deck, the anchors draggiug and the mast taken ( ut by the roots, ho must indeed be callous who is not touched by a sjmpathy tor the poor landlubbers at their monotopous business ashore. There is really no difficulty in the way of navigatiug a yacht You merely hoist the anchor, set the sail and let her go. Port your helium and c!ew up the spinnaker from time to time to show the crew that you know all about ik If it comes on to blow it is safer to take a reef in the maintop hawse, haul down the beiaying-pin and ease olí the bilge; Somo navigators do m.t follow tliis simple rule, but a careful commander takes no chances. One of the chief pleasures of navlgatlon is explaining to the girls what you are going to do In heavy weálher. This shoiild be inariably dune in advance of the storm and while you are still ashore. What you real'y did do in heavy weather is oflen not half so interes. ing a subject of convers.ition. All sunken rocks are carefully Indicated ui ■mi the chart, and a etudiouH yachtsman, after suiking a rock, should always consult t ie chart and write the name of the n ck in his log so as to avoid making the same niistake with his next yacht. By Ihis easy nnthod It will notcost liim more tlian half a d zen yac hts to learn bow to s:and fi.rther out to sea. It is not considertd naval etiquette to run over lell b oys with vessels drawing ten fet't of water, vet I know of nothing to pieeatan amateur from duiiii tliis if ho feels so inclined. Nav ga ors running down and jeniiaiiently disalling a whistling buoy confer a largeboon uponhumanity. übservations for latitude are usually taken on the lower limb of the sun. To those who have been accustomed to observe the lower Hm s at the Black Crook this will come with rase. To take longitude, compute ihe di:lerence between the ship's chronometer and the clok in the gnlley. If either has run down you, may compute by dead reckoning, that is, you can reckon you don't kuow where you are. In movlng your irstruments from place to place be careful nut to let the barometer fall. 1 am told tliat severe white squalls follow a suddenly falling barometer, and wlun I have a yaclit of my own I slall tie my barometer up with a string. TJ eie are mauy conplicated naval directions lor heavlng to in a heavy sea. My s:mp!e meth d is to go be!ow, curl up in Ihu b nk and ring for the steward. By this process thé harder tbe gnle the qulcker I am enabled to heave. The same rule may a so apply to throwiog her up into the wind, but the wind is not always handy. The chief diíTerence between the amateur and professie nal navigator lies in the 8 perior abiii y ot' the former to carry thinps away. You muy oarry away a cup or failing in this may relieve your feelings by carrying away a large and expenslve toima4 and your chancos tor salvation. Then you may discharge your sailing master and feel at peace with tbe entire word. The sailing master enters upon hls duties with proud consclousness that If the jacht is slovv be is 1 1 be bounced. In racing a steara yacht, fire up your boilers to their utmost oapaclty. Theu if you fail to win. fire the enginoer. 1 was affábly explainin : some technlcallties of yachting last Thursday to that hardennd old salt, Capt C'offin, and he said that In his entire niaritime experience he never had known any one to handle nautital subjects as 1 ú'.d- there was a certain fieedom from the conventlonal veneratlcn for facts in my treatment of navigaüon whch he never had seen e ualled. Then he said there was a conflict of opinión between the authorities as to the best way of lufling in a blow and shortening sail preparatory to cat-heading the sea, andwould liketohear my opinión. 1 said 1 sh u!d port the helium, let go Ihe maintop binnacle halyards, lake a reef In the studilensle scupper, jibe the bosun, j sqi are the mlzzen-jib, ease olT the sheet and pipe all hands below to splice the mainbracc. Then these commands follow in ïapid succession: "Avast there! I-et go the down ha-aa-wl!" "Ha-a-nt a lee-e-e! down with he-r-r! llurro there, and s ambang youdad-whiskered son of a sea cook, what are you doing on the Ueech of that gun?" Capt. Collin said ths was unlque, but such is the coni-ervative spitit amoug seafaring men he iid not tliink tbe old ïnethoils wi.u'd be changed f ir a while. Ti ere is m opinión pre valling amons; many persons that yachting Is somew.iat expenslve is a n raus of trael. 1 am inelined to th nk this is exaguerated. A man capable of drivlng a hard bargaiu .may secure a fair ;-ized steam yacht for about $170,000, and slie will not usually require moro than $1(5,000 worth of repair to put her in cominission. Allowing S25,000 for biseca', crew, c'g.irs and tther trilies, fortliesumn er. he may reckon that hia otlier expenses will not exceed g.31,000 n;ore. Of course if he propWM to branch out and use her for blue Balling in tlie fall, lie niay fint this amount doubled. but atiy frugal man who lias ten 01' tWölve liona in bank may run a steam yaclit for j three or four montlis eaeh season and have money enonph loft over at Chistmas to buy an órnate brass coüar for hls girl 's new do?. Ruiming a yacht is apt to broarien a nian'snotionsof economy. I hart a friend who suddenly firew weary of his steam yacht. fold hor, and found the follow ng winter that he had to keep a sacnd white elephant cf iSiam and liglit hlsclgan with Ihousand-dollar bilis to keep the change in his finalices from being a fatal shock to his system. My steam yacht will not ro into commission until next year.


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