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A pretty and serviceable reoeptaole for newspapers and magazines mav be made oí aa ordinary wire broiler. Hroak or cut off the short handle, wind wide s:lk or satin ribbon all around the frame, and cover the retnalning handlo. Then braid ribbon of another color in and out, aeross the wires of the front part, and the sides of the back, eaving the rem.iindnr plaln. Pull the ribbons tight around the corners at the battom, and as they are worked opwards.gradually leavc thom looser soas to form a wedged -hapod et. Kasten a bow made of the same ribl ons to one side of the front, and another over the ring on the handle. A TA BLE COVHB A cover made of mauve feit for the dininff room tibie when not in use, s shown in the illustration. The border of leaves is cut out of several shades of brown feit, and fastened on with crewels a few shades darker. Narrow bands of light feit are cauglit down with a row of hcrring-bonc stit h, done in the crewels. It is fin;slied on the cdpe with worsted fringe to match the cloth in color. A very pretty fridge can be attached directly to the cloth, if preferred, by leaving several inches of tho feit below the band of leaves. This is cut into strips a qnarter of an inch wido. to form the fringo. A sfrip of the briglitestsliadeof brown should becutin the same manner, and sewed under the dark fringe


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