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Treatment Of A Self-milking Cow

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A cow whicb has a quircd the habit of niilking hersi'lf 13 as worlhles an animal as an be kopt on the larra Jt is a case where production and consuraption íollowing each otlier in a viiious clrole, whc cut off all show of prolit If the habit cannot be bioken, the only course left is to dry ofl' the cow, and fatten her for the bntober. But most cows can be cu red of the habit by proper treatment. Many devices have been used suc -essfully for this purpose, some of which are trated herewith. Fieure I, 3 a devlce simplo in construction, lt is a lealher halter set with pointed nails driven from the inside. The nails have broad flat heads, and after they are driven in, a second thickness of leather is sowed on, riveted inside of the first. The whole is held in place by a buckle on the strap behind the ears. Figuro 2 is a deyice which restrains the cow, vithout inllict ng paia. A hard -wood stick of suitable length, aocording to tho size of the cour, is pierced with a round hole at the upper end, through which a ropo is passed, fastening it to the cow's horns An inch or two irom the lower end a slot is cut wide enough for a snrcingle, whioh is slipped through tho slot, and buckled around the cow. This permita her to moye her bead up and down freely, but keeps her from turning it far enough sideways to indulge in her bad habit. Figure 8 shows a modified arrangement whii h affordfl the eow more Lberty, while it is equally eBbctive. A piece of hard touh woot!, an in h wide aud half an inch thick, fastem:d at one end to a loather halter on tho cow s head, while the ither end is loosely holted to a shorter pieco of wood. The other end of tlie short stiek is held by an available fastening to surcingle around the cow s body as Ehown in the engraving. W halever means aro used to break th3 vicious habit, care should be taken to mi Ik regularly. Neglt-cl of this s a frequent cause of acquiring the annoying habit of a cow su king her own milK. He (tryiig to et out of It pleasant'y)- 'Tin awfully sorry that 1 mustgo to-niglit, Miss Uessie. What an agieeabe iwo weeks we've liad of it. I will gi and ask your fa her - " lie was goiiif! to say "10 harness th horse. " Slie- ' Uh, Wllliam, I knew it w.mld crme and I asked i a yesterday soas to have no more trouble. lia is more tüau wllllng. Sotno stalistical fiend says King Uavid's treasure amoun ted to $3,0(0.000 Reduced to tons it would be 6,250, sufficicnt to load 12,61 0 camels; made into a Tod one inch square, it would roach l,250, 00 feet, or 236 3-4 miles; a rod one fourth of an inch square, nearly 1,0)0 miles; cut into three feet lengths, it would make 1,665,667; put into a fence s;x to the foot, it would reach 217,777 feet, orsnfficient to make a good fence over fifty milos long. At the mee ing of savants in New York last week Professor Luden Howe read a paper on the increase of blindness in the United States. He shows 'that in the de ade between 1870 and 1880, the population increased 30 per cent. while the increase of blindnes was 140 per tent. Contagión is found tobe the most potent agency in spreading bli dness. The cost of maintaining the bünd people in the country during the past year was f 25,000,000. The immigration statistics for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1887, are puv lished. They show that the English are leading in the immigvation irom Great Britain to the United States. Thus from England and Wales came 74,783, from Ireland 68,130, from Scotland 18,633. The English now in the United States are fast becoming naturalized, and intend to take an active part in pol tica. Tiie cighteenth volume of the "Re bellion Record" bringing the history down to 1862, is now ready for distribution The work was begun by the war department nioc years ago. It is a strain on the irragination to imagine the number of volumes yet to follow. Here is anot er illustrati n of the farreaching calamitiesof disastrous war. Nearly all the women of the Salva - tion aruoy have a heart worked in India ink upon the right shoulder. In case any one of them is taken sick or dies away from home or in a forcign country, the sign will entitle her to care or a suitable btirial at the expense of the entire organization, whether she is or is not in good standing.


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