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cratie paper puhiisneu ai me coumy aetn. " why do I say this, simply bocause I know it is underthe management "f a democrat, from away back. An alleged democratie newspaper, under the control oL a republiean and democrat, has but little Dfluenco in wieldiog the politics of a county like Washtenaw. I am lead to make thla statement, from what I heard on the streets no later than Saturday. Ann Arbor Democrat. The Democrat knows that the editor of this paper, who writes every line of editorial found in the paper, has always been a consistent democrat and never a Butler man as the Democrat editor has been. No republican ever wrote or dictated a line of the Argus editorials under the present management. This is something the Democrat cannot say of its editorials few thougli they be. We would not notice the unkindly gqnib wereitnot that Bilence might seem to give consent. Neither of the proprietors of the Argus is a republican. Our editorial columns speak for us and every one of our readers know where we stand on all public questions. And we have many hundred more subecribers than any other democratie paper in Washtenaw. Perhaps that is where shoe pinches ?- Argus. The übsophisticated youth who claims to be the editor of the Argue, an alleged democratie paper, for a time published an independent sleet in Ohio. It had no politics. He then went to Adrián, and for a while published the Record, now deiunct. It was independent in politics. We next hear of him in Ann Arbor, where he joined issue with an out and out republican, Ed Morton, who never had a good word for a democrat. If this is democracy, good Lord deliver us from such a nondescript. When thé alleged editor gives publicity to the fact that a republican ever wrote or dictated a line of editorial for The Deiiocat, he ie h falsifier. "ïhe Dbmocbat editorials, few though they be." On this question we have only to say that during the campaign of 1886, we published from one to three columns of editorial matter. Yes, "Every one of our readors know howwe8tand"önallpublic questions." Is it necessary to say that S. W. Beakes, attorney and counselor at law, solicitor and counselor in chancery, bounty, claim and pension agent, and constitutional adviser, onehalf in the Argus oifice, would set up his dictum as laying claim to that which he never possessed - democracy . "And we have many hundred more subecribers than any other democratie paper in Waslitenaw county." Tbis sounds big, and in reply we liave only this to say. That The Democbat has a larger circulation in Washtenaw county than the alleged democratie paper- the Argus. We make this proposition to the editor of the mongrel sheet. You select a man, The Democrat will select a man, and the two shall appoint a third, to examine the books of the respective offices, and if under oath they don't say The Democbat has a larger circulation than any democratie paper in Washtenaw couDty, the bean shall be awarded to the mongrel sheet. : .


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