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It is a perfect ahame and disgrace that the old cemetery is uaed as a pasture for stray cattle and horses. Why is it that something is not done by tlie city to keep the place f rom etill further decay? Fhose who lie buried there are certainly entitled to have some repect and care ehown tbeir last resting places. I am told that it has been the sleeping place for a large number of tramps during the Bummer. As I was walking on tho street a few days ago, I saw a dray drawn by a span of horses coming towards me at a furious gate, the driver lashing the horses most unmercifully. I feit tempted to inform the owner of the team of the cruel treatment they received by this man, but concluded to wait, and when I see him show such brutitaly to dumb brutos again, I shall certainly inform his employer. Why is it that so many men are so ungallent as not to remove their pipes or cigars from their mouths, when passing ladies on the streets. I have frequenüy seea men, and they profess to be gentlemen too, repeatedly pass ladies and almost pull smoke in their faces. One day, when this occurred the lady was taken with a violent cougüing spell, superinduced by the tobáceo smoke, and I must confess that the man who oaused this trouble did look and acl exceedingly ashamed of his impolitness. The city ought now to be up and doing in regard to laying of sewer pipes throughout the city. To be sure, it will cost considerable money, but what can be done without this neccessary evil, and it is somethiug we ought to have for the benefit of our citizens and the healthfulness of our city. Dr. Frotbingham made some very pertinent remarks upon this subjeat a few weeks ago, and certainly this medical gentleman's opinión ought to have some weight with the people. I hope the council will take this in hand and ngitatethe matter until something is done. Talk about the curiosity of women. When in Detroit, Wednesday, I must aoknowledge I was ashamed of myself for their inquisitiveness. While waiting for the western train at the Michigan Central depot, tbe ambulance was driven up, and immediatcly a dozen or more men surrounded it to see what kind of a live animal it contained. The door was opened, the steps lowered, and a young woman, bearing evidences of a recent illness, slowly stepped forth, and went into the depot. These men stared her out of countenance, to the great embarasement of the young woman, who was obliged to face these male bipeds. I think this beats the ouriosity of women.


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